So for my A Level textiles the theme is 'Illusion'. This led to ideas on children's stories and I eventually ended up with 'Peter and the Wolf'. As part of this I did a mini 'photoshoot' as some response work. I was partly inspired by the Topshop Unique AW10 Show:

My Photos...

[In the story the wolf gets caught by rope hanging from a tree...I'm not doing this just for the hell of it ;)]

Unfortunately I don't have a big ol' wolf's head lying around, and I'm not a major fur girl.
However I do have a beautiful fake fur wrap that Mike's mum got be for my birthday from Laura Ashley! And I went for it with the hair and make up... that hair took a LONG time to unravel, the things I do for A Levels.
It was great fun doing it and I'm pretty pleased with the photos, even if they're not really really wolf-like...
Anyway, what do you guys think?

Some more surprises for tomorrow / the weekend for you all!


Emma Louise Long said...

for my A Level photography i picked illusion, im still taking photos, so you have inspired me for another photoshoot idea :)


hope your textiles goes ok!!

Nicole Jarecz said...

cool photoshoot!

Platform P said...

Hahaha, how awesome is this. Loving the wolf look Milly!


Life At Victoria House said...

LOVE this :)
You still look gorgeous!

Beau said...

This is actually awesome!! don't question it it's relevant but still FASHION - if you had a bigger budget it would feed nicely into an editorial as a concept. So yeh - awesome!!!

lovelove xxxx

Orchid said...

wow yoo pulled it off so your blog.cheers!!!