Sorryyyy! !

For such a huge lack of posting...AS Levels sadly got in the way. Now it's Personal Statements, University Open Days, some presentations and preparing for the fashion shows! ! I am MEGA busy...especially as I'm away every weekend until the end of July!! =/

Some quick updates:
I passed my theory test yesterday!!
I've also just been invited to help plan a re-launch party for this clothing company I know...more details to come when they come. It's a bit hush hush for now :)
I went to Clothes Show Live the other week - aceeee, photos etc will be posted next.
I've been helping with the preperation of a major fashion show. I got my friend Caroline involved which is ACEEEE, as well as Jonny who I've known for years. Last Monday I was helping with the pre-photoshoot and fitting: signing in models/designers, making sure things went to plan etc.
I'm also helping on the nights, backstage, fitting, with models, helping organise the after party. Big role really so I'm pretty pleased :) And there's hardly any other helpers. Especially for this big one at a Cambridge University Ball which almost no one is allowed backstage for (high security) and I've been invited to stay for a bit afterwards at the actual ball! !

Anyway, this post was really boring for you all I expect...I promise I will pick it up shortly: as soon as I have time!! :)

Hope all your exams went well, bring on the summer!

lotsoflove x x