Intern Take Two

My two week stint at New Look passed in a blur. I was part of the PR department which involved running the in-store press office for two days with another intern (managing appointments, choosing items for call ins), doing image requests and returns in head office, and running the sample sale. The other girls were all fun to work with and while New Look taught me some things, it just wasn't busy enough for someone as hands on as myself. I have to be doing something at all times - hence interning almost solidly throughout my four month summers when I'm off University.

In my second week I had an interview at somewhere I've been dreaming to work since I found out about it. I met one of the team at the Company Style Blogger Awards and was so pleased to hear from her last week. I won't give too much away but they have some great brands and do numerous events. As someone who's recently been putting on my own fashion and music events this is a great experience. So far I've been mad busy almost every minute of every day, quite a change but just what I want.

Check back for more interning info, party coverage and snippets of my current lifestyle. These next few weeks are going to be mental with this, my fashion writing work, jam packing my social life before...I'm off to San Francisco for 11 months in just over 4 weeks time!!

Also - how do you like the changes I've been doing on the blog? Shop's up this week. Lots of Topshop, independent boutiques, American Apparel and more. x