Glamour for the Party Season.

When we were little we wanted to be we're grown up - we still want to be! Well...the modern day version - Prince Charming, money, fabulous parties, even more fabulous clothes...and yet when we go out we 'do clubwear' - short dresses, show a little flesh (and a little more), no one's shy these days, and although that's not necessarily a bad thing - what happened to the glamour?!
I'm talking cocktail parties, dinner parties, balls. . .ball gowns...those stunning, take your breath away dresses for those take your breath away moments.

The fashion world is currently full to the brim of the most gorgeous dresses for the Christmas party season.

Take Giambatista Valli for example, the collection is extravagant ball gowns, cute cocktail dresses and 1950s prom style. They are like stunning works of art, the time and effort that has been put into making these creations in inspiring, and although some of them may be a little OTT for your ball you can't deny you'd grab one if you were offered it.

It's all about the golden age, when it was the norm to go out in a full length dress with a hat to match. Personally I'm so envious of the time when every woman was glamour glamour glamour whatever the location or outing. Those sexy Hollywood sirens such as Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' [My favourite film] or Sophia Loren. It's undeniable.

So this Christmas make whether you've been invited to the ball of the century, or you've got a cocktail party planned, make sure you get that perfect dress for the occasion. Glamour is on the menu girls!

All images are from Giambatista Valli's Spring/Summer Collection 2009.

Simple but Sexy.

Big Skirts = Big Confidence.

Big Bows Make You Stand Out From The Crowd.

Extravagant? OTT? Oh So Beautiful.