48 hours in: Brisbane

Last weekend we went to Brisbane for some girlie time together before I set off on my road trip. I wasn't really sure what to expect. But it turns out I kinda love Brisbane. A shiny, sunshine-fuelled city set on either side of a river with a wealth of markets on offer. You got me. 
We stayed with friends in New Farm, one of the top areas on my recommendations list so I was pretty stoked. I'm going to stay it was a pretty food-orientated weekend. Here's a quick run down...

Day #1

Sister of Soul, St Kilda

Sam and I went to Melbourne for five days, excited to see what the city had to offer (more on that later). Usually on trips I am all for trying as many different restaurants and bars as possible, picking up tips from locals and fellow travellers. However, on this trip we fell in love with a place just round the corner from our air bnb apartment (which was perfect by the way) and ended up eating there two days in a row.