Unthank 103

After week's of attempted plans to visit this little place post-recommendation from Alex's work friends on just how good their Thai Beef Salad was... we finally arrived. I'm not going to lie that knowing we were actually going got me a little excited. This isn't just a restaurant, it's also a wine store, and deli. Eyes meet with bottles of high quality wine, Spanish meats and a vast range of speciality cheeses. We picked from the lunch menu and after debating everything on the menu, and considering having something different each...we ended up with exactly the same thing.

The food was delicious, we'd opted for the Chorizo 'sandwich' with tomato, pepper, aioli mayonnaise and pomme frites. It is a strange mixture of Spanish, Thai and French food on the menu - lots of seafood too - but nothing bad could really be said. And they were definitely very generous in the amount of chorizo provided... All the ingredients are fresh, good quality, and it's nice to be able to see into the kitchen when they cook. Recipe books line the walls, which you're allowed to flick through, as long as you take care!

I'll happily be going back, most likely to try some sea food or Thai this time...