One final exam & then I have so much on, most of which I'll share with you all!
Exams definitely suck...I've missed:
Rare Press Day
Magazine Launch
Free VIP Backstage tickets to Glastonbury
all because of these exams, argh...

There are so many things I want at the moment, a lot of these come in the form of shoes...

Interning Shoes? - I need comfy shoes that will stay on but still look stylish!
[Click the names to go to them!]

Going Out/Press Day/Events Shoes?
ASOS HELGA Leather & Chain Heel Sandals
[I'd pair these with some rolled chinos & a sheer blouse]

Other than that my 'saving up for' list is pretty endless...

SLR for events/LFW etc
USA [travel + interning for 3months-1year, yay!]
Chloe or Orla Kiely Blouse
Marc Jacobs dress
Babooshka Turban
[it goes on...]

What're you all lusting after?
Wow. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments - I'll reply to all tonight!
I just wanted to tell you all about the Shop Pulse Re-launch.
These guys are so awesome - I'm currently street style photographing for them
[If you're in Cambridge next week, or at Latitude make sure you come say hey! for your chance to be on the website!]
They've got some fabulous new features. My favourites being 'Stylist' & 'Street Style'.
As well as the Office Fash-Off which is on the Style Royalty blog!

The New Website

I tried out the 'Stylist' feature, to see if they could help me pick out some things for my internship at Company in August.
Here's what they sent me:
[Click to enlarge]

Best things:
They kept well within my budget
The response was very speedy - great if you need a last minute outfit for the next day!
They had a good mix of items to choose from
If you need more help they're happy for you to email back!
They really listened to what I said about my personal style

GREAT. Feature. I advise you all to have a go!

Lots of love

Hey beautifuls, I'll reply to all your comments first thing in the morning - yay!
Thanks for being patient. My English was out of the way but still had geography today, and one more next week. I'm dedicating some time to you all tomorrow though :)
Am so tired right now...

But just before I disappear, I wanted to share this awesome information with you so you're all at the ready as of tomorrow!

My affiliate are having a BALMAIN sale.
With items at 85% off! It's on for just SEVEN days.
Starting tomorrow [tuesday] at 10am, and ending on the 29th at 10am!

Make sure you have an ACCOUNT for the outnet - or you won't be able to get involved!
I am SO desperate for a piece of the's all going to be signature jackets. YES I'm talking jackets. YES I'm talking crystal-sprayed dresses. and YES I'm talking killer boots.

lots of love x Fashion Buzz!
Phew, the English exam is out of the way. All I can do now is wait for the results, fingers crossed!

I have the loveliest new sponsor, I can't believe how lucky I am!
And I'm going to share my awesome find with all of you now...

This beautiful floral dress, as well as the cream bow-shaped belt, has been gifted to me by I couldn't believe it!
[ I also got sent some other things which I'll reveal to you in later outfit posts :) ]
The dress is their own label, 'Love Struck' and the belt is 'Funk Rock'.
The material is lovely and soft and both items fit amazingly well.
I advise you all to go and have a look at the website now.
The prices are so good - dresses are under £20!

I think I could also dress this up for a night out!
what would you wear it with?

My 'deciding' exam is tomorrow and I'm panicking :)
Once it's all over I'll reply to your comments & put up a new post!

Got some NEWSSSS.
Thanks for being patient whilst I have these exams!

lots of love x
My days are currently filled with piles of paper, highlighters and copious amounts of tea.
The words of John Milton are buzzing around my head and it's pretty hard to relax.

I will however say that I have some pretty exciting stuff lined up.
Involving events, writing, travelling, and so much more.
I'll be sharing it shortly.

For now though...

Photo credits: tumblr [sorry I save & post later, so do say if they're specifically yours!] and theolivialo

Oh, and listen to 'Go Do' by Jonsi x

Top: Topshop
Sunglasses: Camden
Cut offs: DIY
Shoes: Boden
Leggings: These were kindly sent to me by Wickedelic Lingerie.
You can go to their homepage here: sexy lingerie

Their leggings are really great, and these did not disappoint. They have a really pretty pattern at the bottom of the leg, leaves and flowers. They're really stretchy and comfortable too. I would say they need to be worn with something over the top though as they're not as thick as some.
You can see the ones I'm wearing here:
At just £7 they're a bargain!

Or to check out their other leggings, equally well priced, go here:

On another note, you lovely readers can use this discount code at the lovely
MLLEMILLYSHIP Free shipping, valid on all orders £15


The Creators Project

For those of you who don't know I'm part of the Vice Bloggers Network. Currently they're working with an inspiring project called 'The Creators Project'. . .

"The Creators Project is a new network dedicated to the celebration of creativity and culture across media, and around the world"

It's a media channel which also helps the production of new work with the artists who are part of the creators project.

Content appears on:
There's printed stuff, videos and more.
Throughout this summer there's going to be a series of exhibitions, performances and events. So Iseriously advise you check it out!

The most recent video that has been brought to my attention is that of Mark Ronson.
I found it really interesting as he talks about how he moved into DJing, his collaboration with the likes of Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, his new album and much more.

Check it out here:

It's definitely worth a watch!
So, I jumped on the bandwagon and have got a formspring. See it in the right hand bar :)
I'll try and reply to things ASAP.

Currently in the middle of revision, fun times.
I did have an ace time at the degree fashion show though.
It was the Anglia Ruskin Degree Show and the first time they've ever done one. I was working backstage and I think for a first attempt it went really well.
Here's a few photos... I'm waiting on the professional photograph and might do a post later on with some better photos!

[Photo Credit: Miroslav Zaruba]
All photos below: my own

Also went to the lovely SATC2 event with free cosmopolitans and press, for work.
It was great fun and we had our own cinema.
Although I wouldn't say the film was amazing per se [I prefer the first one], slightly 'this would never ever happen etc' it was still a great girl's night out so I'd totally recommend you all go see it if you haven't already!

Top: American Vintage
Skirt: Vintage store, London [gift!]
Sunglasses: Camden
Necklace: Accessorize / Tiffanys

I took this photo about a week or so ago. . . why is it raining so much now?
I've got some exciting posts & news lined up for the next few days / weeks :)
Hope you all had a good bank holiday! What did you all get up to?