Another day ill in bed....

Here's my latest article for Amelia's Magazine. It covers the organisation FAD which is a really great opportunity. They'll be showing at London Fashion Week once again and guess who has a ticket... ;)

Copious amounts of tea, books and paper are my plans for the day as I try to sort my life out.
It's really not that bad - I just have a lot of planning & organising to do.

On another note, I can't make up my mind about the stunning? Valentino Couture Shoes.
Handmade lace, crystal and satin - but based on looks are they worth the 'Made to Order'?
I think they look better in their Vogue spread - off the feet.
I'm not usually a huge one for lots of bare legs, especially with tighty things... unless it's summer. But here I am for Pippa's 18th looking shiny, tighty, lacey etc.

Under Top: H&M
Lace Top: New Look
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: New Look

I've been quite ill the last 3 days - every day spent in bed, joy...
I've been trying to get some things done. And am vaguely succeeding.
Look out for Ashley Isham, Work Experience, Boutique Suggestion, Competition and More...


Australian Day Bloggers Party, Sponsored By Aussie...

On Tuesday evening I went to London to attend the Aussie Bloggers Event for Australia Day, which I was kindly invited to by Hannah of london--rose.blogspot.com.
It was a lovely evening taking place at The Rainforest Cafe - which was a fabulous venue! It literally looked like a forest, with moving animals and sound effects. The party took place on the bottom floor that had been hired out for the event. On arrival we were given delicious cocktails, and through the night there was Australian-style 'BBQ' food, as well as Australian sweets.
The event had some special things lined up throughout the evening, such as a nail technician, a catwalk show for bloggers to take part in - of course I did!, and the most amazing polaroid cameras I've ever seen that must have cost SO MUCH...but we used a lot of the film!
People won prizes for all sorts of things - and I got a big bottle of Aussie Hair Product that I got to pick for taking part in the catwalk.
I met some fabulous bloggers such as Kavita (iheartvintagex.blogspot.com), Ling (moonbeamstarlight.blogspot.com - beauty blogger!), Lucy (snippetsofshinythoughts.blogspot.com), Carrie (wishwishwish.net) and of course Hannah!
We also got to take away some fabulous goody bags...enjoy the photos!...

Goody Bag Contents, my Aussie prize & My Polaroids. We also got a French Manicure Kit by Maxfactor which I gave to a friend who was having a bad day! :)
I'll let you know how the products work out...!


Kavita with her prize for best outfit - she made one for the catwalk which was silver
Rainforest Cafe
Aussie Products
Me & Some of the Girls

& The Winner Is...

So...I used random generator to pick the winner - I can't pick between you!
Have no fear if you didn't win however as there will soon be a £25 Topshop voucher to win!
And there's a possibility of some other prizes in the pipeline too... pretty, girlie ones :)
So on to the winner....

Please send me your address to propulsion@live.co.uk so I can pass your details on so you can pick your item! :)

Keep looking for posts on a birthday celebration outfit, the VIP blogger event from last night, designer interview with Ashley Isham, Work Experience and more...!

Milly xx

The First of Two Mlle Giveaways...!

For those of you that don't know 'Covert Candy' is a great online swapping community - great for those that want something new but can't afford it! And don't we all have some unused clothes shoved in the back of our wardrobe...?! For those who don't know I write a lot about eco-fashion & the importance of the environment...so I feel this is a great idea! Plus: it's free!
It's a really new site but already has 4,000 members...just think of the options.
There's a huge mix of clothing on there...from H&M & Topshop to some more individual brands!
Check it out here: 'vintage clothes online'

Now for the COMPETITION...!
The winner will get to pick any piece of clothing from the CovertCandy online store.

Just make sure you're following me & leave a comment on this post as to why you want to win.
The winner will be chosen on Wednesday by random.

[[Next Competition to come shortly will be a £25 Topshop voucher! !]]

Of Things To Come...

The man behind stunning dresses like these...:
Will soon be featuring in THIS BLOG with an interview!
That's right: Ashley Isham is coming to http://www.mlle-milly.blogspot.com/
&I am incredibly excited!!
Follow my blog on google or bloglovin' to keep up to date.
Other exciting things happening on Mlle soon:
VIP Party in London
Hope you're all having a lovely January!!
Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Getting The Swing of This Outfit Thing...

...So I'm trying to make a real effort with my blog as I already write for magazines but like having my own outlet too. Plus I love reading all your lovely comments and talking to other bloggers!
So here we go - posting more. And here's an outfit post - lots more of these in the future!

So after my beautiful friend Caroline bought me this skirt for my birthday I couldn't not wear it! I love the colour so much, and get this...it's from a vintage shop in London and it's made from a RECYCLED jumper! (for those of you who don't know, I love stuff like this...!)
My jacket is one of my favourite pieces too - it came from a boutique called 'Dahlia' which was at Clothes Show Live London 2009.
Finally my shoes were bought for me by my lovely boyfriend - New Look.
& the black leggings and strap top are both H&M basics.

I wore this to college yesterday, and the photos are taken in my textiles space ;)

P.s - Watch Material Girl - it's a little cringe but I love it anyway.
BBC1, Thursdays, 8pm.

£49 to spare...?

...on something that most likely won't even last a week. Oh who am I kidding - if I could, I most likely would. What am I talking about? 'Chanel's Non-Permanent Skin Art'! Featured at their Spring/Summer 2010 show, the designs are absolutely exquisite. So much detail. And for one like myself who isn't into permanent tattoos - I can't help but love these transfers! At £49 for a pack of 5 sheets, I don't think I'll be buying them... although 5 sheets = 55 designs.
[MUST keep telling myself NO NO NO].
But er...anyone got a washable body pen? Maybe I'll have a go... ;)

& The Chanel Logo

They'll be exclusively at Chanel boutiques from March 12th, & the waiting list is now open!
Will you be on it?

[Other designers who rocked the transfer tattoo look included Rodarte - tribal & Jean Paul Gaultier - 'Gaultier' down the arm]

Photo credits: www.nitrolicious.com

Pretty Presents & A Fab 21st...!

Going back to my birthday - I got some lovely presents. So here's a composition of a few. I think it's quite Chanel-esque :)
Coco Mademoiselle Perfume, New Lace Top from New Look, Clinique Makeup, Gold & Pearl Earrings, Black Fur Cape, MAC foundation, Celia Birtwell foundation brush, New York calender... <3

For my sister's 21st we headed to London: on the train, at dinner - doesn't that cocktail and those amazing puddings look YUM (We went to HAHABar - highly recommended), and outside Wicked - which was absolutely AMAZING. One of the best musicals I've seen, the singing blew me away, and there were plenty of laughs, and tears.

Hope all your 2010's have started off well!
&Thank you to my new followers.

A Birfday.

An 18th. Mine to be exact.
5 day celebration.

4th: My dress matches my drink! Raspberry Cosmopolitan, cutting the cake.

Love them...4th.

1st: Cinema, Lunch Out, Presents at Mine with family & boyf.
2nd-3rd: Family, relatives & old family friends party for my 18th&sister's 21st, sweeet. Marquee & all. Love you parents. Fabulous presents, especially from Sophs&Cath.

4th-5th, Day time: Haircut. Braces OFF. Lunch at Henrys inc. cocktailm, yum.
Make Up Done. Get Dressed. Get Excited. Final Panic.
Got to the 1st place, the bar I'd hired out and it all worked perfectly. The perfect boyfriend made a perfect playlist, the lights were good, the friends turned up and stayed the whole time, and I sat and sipped perfect cocktails.
Last EVER BraceFACE ;)
Love her!

Here's me looking a little crazy. We headed off to Revs & Fez afters.
Some things were worked out in my head that night. They'll stay with me now.
2010 is the year for keeping resolutions, and making some changes

NYE. 2010.

So it's a new year.
I had the most epic 5day(ish) celebration for my 18th Birthday (more on that next)
This post is actually about New Years, the next is about my birthday.

Wearing: Bow, Christmas present from Sis. (Accessorize?)
Top, New Look

Resolutions are simple, but will probably expand.
Work harder. Have more fun.
Charity Stuff.
Start running again. I'm doing races with the boyf in memory of a friend who died.
Stick with the trues.

NYE was celebrated with Mike. Letting laterns drift into the sky.
&playing Beatles Rockband. It turns out I might not be such a bad singer after all ;)
Let It Be. Come Together. All You Need Is Love.
Oh & of course my birthday at midnight. That's right, I'm a NYday baby.