Christmas Dust

Fash Editor & I
Georgios & I

These photos were taken at Mediaball - where the radio, newspaper and tv societies get together. As Deputy Fashion Editor I went along, as did my group of closest friends.
This last photo is with one my closest friends Georgios - he's off to Finland for a semester come January and I'll miss him a stupid amount.

After fighting to find the ultimate Christmas party dress...and panicking in an epic failure...I got the best surprise (and rescue!) when the lovely people at Motel Rocks sent me this dress! As one of my favourite party dress brands I was so pleased. On arrival the dress fitted perfectly, I got so many compliments, and having worried about how it would look I couldn't have felt more confident in it. Highly recommended!

The dress is the "Gabby Sequin Dress,"comes in charcoal, black or gold and is £58. I usually stick to my black outfits, but the sequins gave it that little bit of Christmas spirit.

Use the discount "SEQUIN15" until Dec 11th.

ps. since posting the dress is now on sale for £29!



I've always adored The Selby blog, and got the book when it came out.
It continues to influence and impress me, and now with a separate 'edible selby' I'm not sure what else could improve it. I'm a bit of a say the least.

Personally, I've fallen in love with this video of Lucy Chadwick for Zara.
Check it:

What are your current favourite fashion, lifestyle and inspiring videos?


This year's entailed a visit to two different friends on a 'house party' trail by the lovely workers of Frank's Bar. Punch, extravagant costumes, 'thriller' on repeat, and a fully decorated floor to ceiling bin liner-ed entrance with Halloween decor. [these guys know how to make the effort!]
I didn't go as anything specific. So obligatory stolen costume ensued at the last house...

Eye make up efforts...and the skeleton costume I made for Alex [so proud! but I left zero time for my own...]
Vodka jelly, punch, gory-esque food, pumpkins, candles, sugary red apples and so forth...

Hope you all enjoyed Halloween. Various photo diaries up next.
bisous x

Unthank 103

After week's of attempted plans to visit this little place post-recommendation from Alex's work friends on just how good their Thai Beef Salad was... we finally arrived. I'm not going to lie that knowing we were actually going got me a little excited. This isn't just a restaurant, it's also a wine store, and deli. Eyes meet with bottles of high quality wine, Spanish meats and a vast range of speciality cheeses. We picked from the lunch menu and after debating everything on the menu, and considering having something different each...we ended up with exactly the same thing.

The food was delicious, we'd opted for the Chorizo 'sandwich' with tomato, pepper, aioli mayonnaise and pomme frites. It is a strange mixture of Spanish, Thai and French food on the menu - lots of seafood too - but nothing bad could really be said. And they were definitely very generous in the amount of chorizo provided... All the ingredients are fresh, good quality, and it's nice to be able to see into the kitchen when they cook. Recipe books line the walls, which you're allowed to flick through, as long as you take care!

I'll happily be going back, most likely to try some sea food or Thai this time...



I've been making the most of home-time by catching up with the best friends I left behind. We've done Yo! Sushi & shopping, and then went out the week after (with me wearing exactly what I bought with them the week before, minus the shoes). Sure have missed them. It's funny how things can change so quickly, and I've been contemplating everything with tea, sunshine and...the internet? I move into my new house in Norwich on Tuesday! And god how excited am I. I finally have a double bedroom, and there's wood floors everywhere (I have a bit of a thing about it...). This year will hopefully be full of beautiful things, and I think my head's tightly screwed on with everything I want, like and know I should do. Get ready for some photos of the new house, and snippets of daily life, friends and exciting projects x

Alice, Jess and I

Sheer panel sleeveless black top & Camel shorts: H&M
Shoes: EBay

Latitude 2011. The best weekend.
More photos on their way, with a little more fill in.
Here's what I wore on the second day:
Top: Urban Outfitters, Leggings: H&M, Bag: From a stall in Turkey
Snapshots since home time...summer food, home produce & wooden boards.

First year is over. My weeks have been filled with little sleep, sporadic beds, friends overload (although I can never get enough of them), gigs, dinners, garden parties, going out...and a hell of a lot of happiness. This year has evolved to be one of the best I've ever had, and I can't wait for the next with the beautiful people I call my friends.

This used to be primarily a 'fashion blog'. It's now a 'life blog'.
I'm foraying into music and a billion other things right now so expect everything for event coverage to food photography, festivals and of course still all the fashion! There's new jobs and my new apartment and god knows what else on the horizon...!

Oh & you'll be pleased to know, yes...I passed first year. And I will still be spending a full on year in the U S of A, including a hell of a lot of travelling with best friends - wowser.

Returning home from University meant a two-week holiday (more later), and now I've returned from that too. I always love coming home to home produce, fresh foods and what feels like being a country bumpkin.

I currently have a bit of a thing for 'rock' jewellery. These photos were taken at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout exhibition at London Fashion Week. Whilst I usually focus on the clothes I was instantly drawn to this display, and had a good chat with the designer herself. I'm particularly lusting after that amethyst necklace but if anyone wants to buy me a ring...I'd be more than up for a fools gold one too!
Spending my days soaking up the sun, having garden parties and BBQs, and revising for those exams that start next week... looking forward to summer and a pretty exciting new project.
Norwich, is full of hidden little gems...
Like The Birdcage, The Bicycle Shop and Frank's:
Cosy cafes and bars to sit in with friends that turn lively in the evenings with gigs and events.
We spent NYE at Frank's this year.

The Birdcage's cat.

Positive Birdcage Signs!
Cosmopolitans and Candles in old Gin Bottles.
Junk bull head brightened up with fairy lights!

I've started a new fashion-based job, so there'll be a lot more posts - finally...! And I've got one of my cameras up and working. Sadly the other is still missing its charger. Next up - summer days in Cambridge and ladies who lunch. Plus some more information and snap shots about the new job!


LFW: What I Wore

400-and-something photos takes a long time to edit around coursework, a job, practice for cheer comp, and 101 other responsibilities. So here's something to pass the time...

[After party photos coming soon, along with photos from the shows, and an exhibition party]


DAY 1: Glamour Jumpsuit, Aldo Wedges, Sister's quilted bag
[Here at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout after party]


DAY 2: Truly, Madly, Deeply Tee, H&M leather shorts&leggings, ? Brogues
[taken at the Piers Atkinson exhibition event]


DAY 3: Topshop earrings, Miss Selfridge silk shirt, H&M shiny leggings, ? brogues, Barbour jacket, Sister's bag & LFW press bag

[waiting for Charlie Le Mindu. Kindly taken by Lucy]



London Fashion Week Day One.

15 hours of wearing heels, snapping celebrities, checking out the shows in the BFC tent.
Hitting up the Look Show and the VFS After Party.

So I said I wouldn't do 'full on' show reviews, you've got for that. I'll be posting some photos and the odd line about the shows I did attend, but I'm focusing on the Look event and VFS after party that'll have less accessible coverage!

The Look Magazine event was a wonderful, last minute surprise courtesy of Kirsty.
It features a champagne reception, show, raffle and after show drinks.
There was also a photobooth and chocolate fountain, delicious canapés, and an area for celebrities to get snapped. Every single attendee also got a packed out goody bag. Plus we were treated to a performance from Alexis Jordan!

The 'frow' consisted of the likes of Marina, Olivia Palmero, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Jaime Winstone.
The show itself consists of the up-and-coming pieces from the hottest high street stores, so brands such as Mango, H&M, River Island and so forth.

Myself & Kirsty also had our photos taken for the Look magazine website. For me I think the best brands was most likely New Look, French Connection and Uniqlo - I definitely picked out some key pieces I'll be hunting down!

So London Fashion Week once again kicks off tomorrow...
As someone who prefers the September season, and has a lot of things on my plate atm, I didn't apply to nearly so many this year. So I was pleasingly surprised by the influx of invites & tickets I've received, including to a number of parties and special private events! I've had phone calls and emails and I'm rather excited to share it all with you once again.

Seeing as you can check within about 2 minutes for images and trend reviews, I'll be bringing you the 'extra' bits of London Fashion Week.

Here's some of my favourite shows/bits from last season - all photos are my own.
I'll post again tomorrow with schedules of each day, outfit posts, behind-the-scenes and so much more.

My favourite model Daisy Lowe at BodyAmr. Kanye West's girlfriend also modelled in the show.
Matthew Williamson - absolute favourite show of the season, and snapped Olivia Palmero on the front row!

Louise Gray
Interviewing Georgia Hardinge backstage


Most Wanted Fashion Revolution Party

I was delighted to be invited to the Most Wanted Fashion Revolution Party at the Soho Hotel last Tuesday. It was a brilliant evening, hosted by the lovely people at [head over there to grab money off your online shopping!]

We were treated to cocktails on arrival, with plenty more and wine inside, delicious canapes and even a tower of cupcakes! There were so many bloggers there and it was lovely to see friends like Kirsty, Lucy, Fiona and Frances.

We also had the use of an awesome photobooth - some of the photos which you can see above of my sister and myself! We then had a film screening of Marie Antoinette, one of my favourite films for its use of costume, colour, soundtrack and of course cake!

Thanks once again to the team at!


Long Overdue Snippets of An Intern

Many of you may know of my internship at Company magazine last summer. My favourite experience has to have been the photoshoot I helped on that starred Lissie, Sky Ferreira and The Like. I saw Lissie at Latitude and absolutely loved her - so to get to meet her personally and have a chat was awesome. I actually got the chance to help with the styling - particularly of The Like.

Whilst there I took a number of "behind-the-scenes" images - especially as the location was so beautiful; a massive London house with different themed rooms on each floor. As the title are those long overdue photos I took:

One of the rooms
The Like
The Like in another setting
A million pairs of shoes!
Accessories Table

It's was so excited to see the finished products over three months in the magazine - October, November and December!