Catch Up 1: Clothes Show Live

Caro and I went to Clothes Show Live, London 2009 in half term - back in May! ! It was a really good day and we both picked up some gorgeous buys...

1. a cropped, cream jacket with cute ruffle detailing and to the side buttons!
2. a navy blue shirt dress with folded detailing at the top (I'v
e wanted one for ages!)
3. a dress for Mike's summer ball - white, sleevless shirt with folded detailing at the top, which then goes into a navy blue skirt with a silk band at the base, and ties round the waist - pretty! !

Erin O'Connor (model and designer) and George Lamb hosted the main show, it was so great to see her in the flesh. The fashion show was a mix of dance and modelling, with some great music and out of this world dance routinues incorporating flips, lifts and so on. Some of the outfits were gorgeous, although some designs were a little more inventive...and a little bit odd :)

Freebies included More magazine, tshirt, beauty goodies and more. A must see was the beach section (once again male models loving themselves a little too much...), and getting a good look at the independent shops and designers dotted about.

A comparison to the Birmingham one suggested it wasn't as good, but seeing as it's its first year back on the Clothes Show scene I think I'll give London a second chance next year!