Cupcakes, Canapes, Fireworks and the London Eye...An Aussie Event

So finally about month or more later I'm back. University has been the most insane thing.
When I feel like I'm doing absolutely nothing, I'm busier than I've ever been.
Work, play, writing, drinking, friends, trips, societies; it's all go.

The whole point is, I'm actually hoping I'm "back".

Lots to share with you all but let's start with the Aussie "Take The Heat" Product Launch on Friday 5th November.
for those of you who don't know I'm actually included in a group of girls known as the "Aussie Angels" - we represent the brand, go to the events and are here to tell you all about their brilliant products.

The launch event was simply amazing, all us girls were 100% spoilt and the only thing I paid for was a tube there and back...yes, spoilt is an understatement. I checked into the hotel where myself and my sister were being put up for the night by the Aussie team, before hunting down fellow Angels & setting off for the night.

We all met outside the London Eye, full of excitement. The Aussie team had organised for us to go round not just once, but twice, on fireworks night too which was a lovely experience. We were treated to a lot of free champagne and the most delicious canapes I've ever tasted from "The Pommery" [Australians called the English "Poms" for those of you that don't know! - this was the point I excitedly texted my Australian flatmate...].

Aussie Angels in the pod behind us

The girls in my "pod"

After this we were whisked off in two Hummer limos - a surprise for us all - to Jewel Bar, just off The Strand.
We all got a little overexcited by them and thoroughly enjoyed the gigantic bottles of champagne.

Aussie Angels in one of the Hummers

Outside the Hummers

Carrie, myself and Lucy in the Hummer

Outside the bar we were met with a woman doing tricks with fire batons - all matching the theme of the Take The Heat products. Once inside more drinks were on offer, eventually moving from champagne to some delicious cocktails - I opted for the French Martini [full of pineapple juice, yum!].

We were also provided with slates of hot nibbles ranging from calamari to ribs and mini pizza slices. The food and drink was rounded off with cupcakes - what's an Angel night out without cupcakes to be fair...

Myself & Tess, my sister & guest

The products themselves.
The Take The Heat products may be some of my new Aussie favourites - although my love for their anti-frizz collection still holds strong. The new products smell absolutely delicious, and as always they've outdone themselves with the collection ranging from shampoo and conditioner, to a deep treatment, as well as a spray and a mousse.

As always I'm so grateful for the generosity of the Aussie team. Before the event they even sent us all the products along with slippers, hot chocolate, and a hand muff! The event was a great success, one of the best nights I've had, and it was lovely to see Emma, the rest of the Aussie team, and all the Angels once again.

Apologies for the huge post. And the use of my old camera rather than DSLR.
lots of love