The past two weeks have been crazy busy with parents visiting from England, midterms and deadlines, and it finally getting round to Spring Break ! While every one of these adventures is filled with photos and notes that I'll be sharing with you soon enough - here's a quick overview of some of those moments via Instagram. 

I'll shortly be sharing new purchases, restaurants, tours, travels, and much more with you. Plus tomorrow sees me leaving on a road trip down the West Coast with the girls - another adventure? Always.

Chilling by the pool in San Luis Obispo on a spontaneous trip to see a friend from home (Cambridge) !

One of the highlights of my year long adventure - our Coachella wristbands arrived.

Sharing an incredible pudding at Millenium (Vegan restaurant near Union Sq, San Francisco) 

 Indulging myself on Pink Champagne Truffles from England
 Soaking up the Spring Sunshine on our balcony

Visiting the infamous Alcatraz Island prison with my parents on a sunny day

More soon, I promise.
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How's Spring Break (if you're in the US) and Easter (if you're at home) treating everyone?