Hiii! I'm back :)
Hopefully permanently - finally.
Sorry for the absence; college work, travelling, a few issues...

Here's an outfit post to get started.
The top I got yesterday as a cast off from Mike's brother, apparently he never wore it and it no longer fits, score. It's Levi's.
Worn with leggings and Fred Perry plimsolls.
Nail polish is inspired by fadetoblack! [favourite blogger and oh so lovely!]

Sorry about these photos, I could only be bothered to put on mascara...
Got some news that I'll post up tomorrow!

Love you all, it's good to be back x

As of tomorrow I'll be posting regularly again.
MIA no more!
I'm really looking forward to blogging again, reading your blogs, and catching up.

I've got lots of news and other bits and pieces to share :)

So I got a lovely award from Claire of the red hiney - I love her blog so seriously check it out.

The rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award - done!
2. Name 10 things that make you happy

1. Mike Hooper, 3 years last week
2. Music festivals - Reading last year was amazing.
3. Summer - I'm so desperate for this right now
4. Tea and T-shirts (coming soon) with Molly
5. My writing / blogging
6. Friends & Family
7. Travelling / Road Trips
8. Tumblr Photos - sounds weird but there's so much inspiration (I have my own btw.)
9. Music - 'calm but with a beat' is my favourite
10. TV Series - GG, The OC, The City etc - relax...

3. Pass this award on to 10 other blogs and inform the winners

Hey, I'm not really posting this weekend.
1. Because I don't want you guys to miss the stream on the post below.
Karl Lagerfield should be up tonight :)
2. I'm celebrating my 3 year anniversary with Mike.

Anyway, I thought I better at least post something so here's my outfit post from Thursday of this week. Tomorrow after the streams are all up I'll be adding an award and tag that I've been honoured with. As well as some actual posts about LFW - ridiculously slow of me I know!
This is a top I picked up back in January from the Topshop sale.
It's a crop with little horseshoes on it; quite cute.
Hope you're all well?! Also watch Kell on Earth
(Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution / The Hills), it's awesome
Hey lovelies.
I'm feeling quite pleased as Swarovski have contacted me to say they've selected me as one of a select few to air the Swarovski Player that will be showing a number of shows live from Paris Fashion Week. It will be one of about 10 sites in the world that has it :)
It will be starting tonight at 6.30pm as far as I've been told.
And on the 7th: Karrlll and Hussein.

ALSO I got an email saying that Vice magazine thinks my blog is suitable to be included in the Vice blogging network, which is quite a selective thing!
It will comprise of amazing opportunities, network events and more & I'll keep you informed every step of the way.

The email says something funny like 'you can insert this in your blog to prove it':
Part of Vice blogging network
Ta da!

I'm also reading this great book called Fashion Babylon that Molly lent me - all read. It literally gives the best behind-the-scenes gossip.

Just uploading LFW photos to give you a little bit more info. on my trip there.


Highs and Lows.

Cause I need freedom now,
And I need to know how,
To live my live as its meant to be.

There's some pretty good news around the corner though I think, it's a secret for now though!
I'm doing a few outfit posts as I'm in the middle of a ton of coursework.
Then I'll fill you in on the personal details of my LFW experience.

Wearing: Zara shorts & blazer, Sister's shirt