Sunday Casting.

Sunday was spent at the shop, measuring up boobs and legs at a model casting. Although very fun it was surprisingly hard work, getting down about 10 pieces of detail for a growing queue of eager girls...and a few boys. They then moved on for some photo shots and then a demonstration of catwalking it. It was pretty interesting to watch...some people definitely stood out, in all their glory I will not even try to deny how jealous I was of their tiny waists and ridiculously long legs. There were a few oddities - girls telling me I was holding the measuring tape really loosely...oh come on! and telling us they were late because...and I quote...'it just took so long to put on my make up, there's so much on now it's going to start flaking off'. Which was even odder seeing as you're not meant to wear too much make up at a casting. It was a surprisingly educational experience and I learnt a lot, some of the people I met were so nice too, I hope to see them again. I'm looking forward to the photoshoot and fashion show in June. Plus the hopeful after party of course. Photos from both will be posted when they happen.

And I'll post more info. on where and when to get your tickets.

x x x x

A Weekend.

Ely Cathedral Gig. Apple Store - Buying Boyf's Ipod. Dinner. Films. Dinner at an Indian. Driving. Pub. Boyfriend, B's Brother and B's Best Friend Sleepover, impulsively. My Ipod Arriving - Pure Excitement. Saturday Morning Fry Up Courtesy of the Boys. Laughing About The House. Rabbit. Boyf's House. His Gparents. Good Dinner. The Lost City of Atlantis. Sleeping. CDs. Grand Theft Auto and Need For Speed Drag Races. Top Gear. The Zodiac. Downloading Songs. Blogging. Photos. Scrapbook. Scanning Favourite Editorials. Church Reading. Sunday Lunch. TV. Relaxation. More of the Same. Dinner. Jimmy CARRRR {boyf's birthday present} Boyf to uni...back on Thursday! :D


It's the little things.

Hope you all had a good weekend!!

Thursday's Child...

Top: Superdry
Shorts: DIY

...was feeling creative. You've heard it all before - recession, the current economic climate...but it doesn't neccessarily have to be an issue, or a bad thing. It's time to get out those scissors and sewing kits's time to get CREATIVE. Whether it be old jeans, dad's too big tshirt, or something your grans shoved to the back of her wardrobe you should be waving your D.I.Y essentials in the air (motifs, fabric patchs, embroidery designs...anything!) and get cutting, sewing, darning and gluing. Because fashion is meant to be individual and's time to get making your own, personal, one of a kind piece of clothing - defining yourself a style noone else can ever have. I used to adore these light blue jeans I had, always comfy and easy to just slide on. But sadly, after lots of wear, they developed two huge holes...well multiple both knees. So out came the scissors on Thursday and now I have a cute little pair of cutoffs...which I'm actually wondering if I love them more than I loved my old jeans! I think I may add some decoration at some point, but at the moment they're good as they are. What do you think and what will you make?

Blazer: New Look (sale)
Tshirt & Shorts as before

This Heart's Desire...

...I so desperately wanted some form of work experience for fashion journalism - but being the competitive world we all know it is and the whole health and safety etc... everywhere requested you be 18 and over. Woe is me...

Luckily, I spoke too soon, and now out-of-the blue you're looking at a page belonging to the brand new newsletter/paper EDITOR and contributer for The Shop, Cambridge UK. The Shop is a project I have been avidly involved in, from workshops and shows, exhibitions, gigs, tango lessons, name it and it's bound to have happened at this community arts space, re-opened last year by Nikki Goldup and Georgia Artus. I helped with the organisation behind events and getting the shop ready for its opening last summer - including decorating various items of furniture, as well as invigilating various exhibitions and publicising, what was going on down there, widely.

I now have lots of contacts and love the volunteer work I do there. It seems my hard work all summer paid off and now that I have the time I'm back in the picture, even more so than before.
I've been sorting through the emails and am so excited about the upcoming launch of the newsletter/paper, keep your eyes pealed and I'll put some posts up on here! I've been given all the press contacts as well as various designers/artists/exhibitors and it's better than I could've hoped. I'll keep you all updated.


M x

ps - for more information on the shop and it's events just email me! and when the newsletter comes out you'll have all the info. you need =)

Street Style, The Satorialist...

Head to the Streets in Style Ladies...

Scott Schman of 'The Sartorialist' has got his first book deal! Famous for taking photos of the world's most fashionable street looks in the major cities - from Paris to New York - and posting them on his blog it is more than likely that this new book will be snapped up very quickly by the fashion crowd. The blog has been voted one of the Top 100 Design Influencer's by Times Magazine! His other achievements, mainly coming up in the past year, range from doing photoshoots for Vogue and modelling for a Gap advert. The book should be out this September, with various limited edition versions...but the best news is it will be an affordable paperback. Which means you have no excuse not to buy it. Personally I can't wait and I'll be posting a review up when I get my hands on it.

For an early preview head over to, you won't be disappointed.


...Here are my my first inspirations for the coming week.I totally adore this outfit. It's casual and comfy but so stylish looking. I've just made my old jeans into cutoffs (watch out for photos!) and I love them. I'm currently looking for a wasitcoat too to pair with them and a clean white tee...I've been loving this look for ages and it's funny how it keeps coming back up. I'll definitely be buying myself a waistcoat as soon as I have the money again...along with all the other stuff I want.

I Love Leggings atm - I really need a thick pair which don't look weird with just tops.
You can buy plain black thick leggings in Topshop, prices from 12 to 20 quid. The all black look looks good with Lindsay's blonde hair.

I am so focused on corsets and the Edwardian era right now because it's a huge part of my current textiles project for college. I love the clean structure of the top contrasting with the flowy, softer skirt. I'm considered tight, fitted tops with loose, breesy skirts.

Fabulous Girl's Guide to...Nottingham.

Having had my sister end up there for University last year has brought about some great advantages. First off, the shopping - it has every known shop imaginable...MAC, Jack Wills, Replay, Primark... along with its own collection of gorgeous individual shops!
Once there you have to check out 'Projects' - as soon as I went into the shop I fell in love with it. It recently created its own line and if you head upstairs to the girls section you're bound to find something you want - from clubwear to winter warmers, it's all gorgeous and very original. I spent my money in an instand on a cute black and white top adorned with motifs and a big bow, as well as a snuggly grey jumper which is SO soft and everyone's obsessed with the 'one orange button'...
The shop has a nice atmosphere too, personally I prefer the upstairs to the downstairs, it's more intimate and has nicer decor...and the staff are very friendly too. They'll help you with anything and they're all pretty young so you have the chance for a bit of a gossip. The clothes vary in price but it's still all very reasonable, nothing I saw was over about £80 except this jacket I so desperately wanted but sadly avoided.
After that head up the road and across the street to a cafe which, from downstairs looks a little bit like a takeaway shop. Make sure you choose to eat IN and head upstairs to find a secret haven, big brown leather sofas and matching decor make the upstairs a gorgeous little hideaway, there's a seated table area too which is just as attractive. Be sure to have the hot chocolate and chocolate fudge cake for a guilty pleasure. (Don't forget to hit the gym afterwards though, haha).