What Ever Happened?

I want to be forgotten, and I don't want to be reminded...

I wait and tell myself "life ain't chess"

Yes, more absence. I'll try and sort that one out.

Shirt: Miss Selfridge
Shiny Leggings: H&M
Wedges: Evans?

Finally off home today for Christmas! Have spent the last week working in Norwich and therefore staying at University. Bit depressing..! Plans for the next few weeks include home, London, NYE, my birthday and hopefully a holiday! But I should also get quite a bit of chance to do some blogging.


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Cupcakes, Canapes, Fireworks and the London Eye...An Aussie Event

So finally about month or more later I'm back. University has been the most insane thing.
When I feel like I'm doing absolutely nothing, I'm busier than I've ever been.
Work, play, writing, drinking, friends, trips, societies; it's all go.

The whole point is, I'm actually hoping I'm "back".

Lots to share with you all but let's start with the Aussie "Take The Heat" Product Launch on Friday 5th November.
for those of you who don't know I'm actually included in a group of girls known as the "Aussie Angels" - we represent the brand, go to the events and are here to tell you all about their brilliant products.

The launch event was simply amazing, all us girls were 100% spoilt and the only thing I paid for was a tube there and back...yes, spoilt is an understatement. I checked into the hotel where myself and my sister were being put up for the night by the Aussie team, before hunting down fellow Angels & setting off for the night.

We all met outside the London Eye, full of excitement. The Aussie team had organised for us to go round not just once, but twice, on fireworks night too which was a lovely experience. We were treated to a lot of free champagne and the most delicious canapes I've ever tasted from "The Pommery" [Australians called the English "Poms" for those of you that don't know! - this was the point I excitedly texted my Australian flatmate...].

Aussie Angels in the pod behind us

The girls in my "pod"

After this we were whisked off in two Hummer limos - a surprise for us all - to Jewel Bar, just off The Strand.
We all got a little overexcited by them and thoroughly enjoyed the gigantic bottles of champagne.

Aussie Angels in one of the Hummers

Outside the Hummers

Carrie, myself and Lucy in the Hummer

Outside the bar we were met with a woman doing tricks with fire batons - all matching the theme of the Take The Heat products. Once inside more drinks were on offer, eventually moving from champagne to some delicious cocktails - I opted for the French Martini [full of pineapple juice, yum!].

We were also provided with slates of hot nibbles ranging from calamari to ribs and mini pizza slices. The food and drink was rounded off with cupcakes - what's an Angel night out without cupcakes to be fair...

Myself & Tess, my sister & guest

The products themselves.
The Take The Heat products may be some of my new Aussie favourites - although my love for their anti-frizz collection still holds strong. The new products smell absolutely delicious, and as always they've outdone themselves with the collection ranging from shampoo and conditioner, to a deep treatment, as well as a spray and a mousse.

As always I'm so grateful for the generosity of the Aussie team. Before the event they even sent us all the products along with slippers, hot chocolate, and a hand muff! The event was a great success, one of the best nights I've had, and it was lovely to see Emma, the rest of the Aussie team, and all the Angels once again.

Apologies for the huge post. And the use of my old camera rather than DSLR.
lots of love

London Fashion Week

Orla Kiely
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Louise Gray
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Craig Lawrence
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[Daisy Lowe at] BodyAmr

Fashion Week.

I've been stupidly lucky. One standing show and all the rest seated; ridiculously good positions for Louise Gray and BodyAmr.
I could go through the shows in detail but you can find it on Style.com really...
So instead it's my experiences, my p.o.v.

I've had products and makeovers from the deightful people at MAC - a little review coming soon. Been allowed backstage at Ones To Watch where I met the deightful Charlotte Taylor, A. Hallucination guys and Georgina Hardinge. Spotted the gorgeous Lily Allen at BodyAmr, before seeing
Daisy Lowe (my absolute favourite!) and Amber Rose (Kanye West's girlfriend) walk. It may seem like I'm name dropping but the buzzy audience atmosphere around these events means they're worth a mention.

Other highlights include catching up with the lovely fashion friends I rarely get to see. The exhibitions have been a wealth of talent and making new contacts. And I loved the Orla Kiely presentation as always, plus added Craig Lawrence to my interest list.

I'll be sharing images and brands and other experiences with you for weeks to come. But thanks to four hours sleep I'm off to bed; Matthew Williamson beckons tomorrow...


Predictable London Fashion Week Post

So guys, tomorrow it all kicks off and I'll be there!

Keep an eye on my twitter here for up to the minute photos and news.
Alternatively I'm be trying to post at the end of each day...which could be interesting as this season I also have parties after the shows.

My schedule for tomorrow includes:
Paul Costello, Caroline Charles, Ones to Watch [including backstage access!], Maria Grachvogel and Prophetik to name a few. As well as the Prophetik party in the evening.

I'll be taking 100s of photos of outfits, the catwalks, backstage hair and make up and lots more.

Now something special for you guys:

Pyrenex Premium have a special pop-up store to coincide with London Fashion Week which will be debuting the collection to London for the first time! It'll be open for fifteen days as of this Sunday and you're all invited to go down and take a look.

The new collection is specially designed by Alex Mabille and compromises of "twenty high-voltage down jackets". Every type of jacket seems to have been created from biker to bomber to cape...To me that sounds more than a little bit exciting. Plus you get an exclusive first look!

Air Gallery
32 Dover Street

I'll be at the launch party and I can't wait to get my hands on these jackets. Down jackets...can you imagine how soft they'll be?!

Hope you enjoy my coverage ;)


A love affair with Jasper Garvida

I was kindly invited to the My Sugarland blogger event last Wednesday and took along my beautiful friend and fellow blogger Molly.We previewed the new collection and browsed the vintage rails, whilst being tempted by a famous chocolatier; popping candy and the salted caramel were amazing.It was a chance to meet fellow fashion bloggers, plus have our hair and make up done by professionals [I didn't get round to the hair part...]. Then we chose items and styled them up before having our photos taken professionally.

Shirt: Jasper Garvida
Shorts: John Rocha
Brogues: My own
Hairband: My Sugarland

I fell head over heels for this shirt...silky soft with sculptured shoulders. Not sure I can quite afford the price tag at this stage but here's hoping. Not long now until London Fashion Week; in fact just three days and I'll be on my way to London. I went shopping yesterday with the lovely boyfriend and picked out some new treats to wear. Tickets are actually turning up and I got the most amazing news yesterday that I'd been invited to the Matthew Williamson show. Excited? Moi? If you're there be sure to drop me a line! xx

Life is hectic and spontaneous at the moment. Final summer trips and a lack of internet has left for sporadic posting. I'll finally be back for permanent times shortly. And I actually have stuff to share like some photos of behind-the-scenes at Company magazine, blogger event coverage, and who can forget London Fashion Week. I don't know what to wear, tickets are coming in, I have some plus ones which equals fashionable friends and it's not far at all now. Fashion week is for eating little, inspiration, sore feet and friends who you only ever see at fashion-related events but click instantly with. I can't wait to catch up with some of mine and bring you all the photos, trends and gossip from the front row [or back row ;)].
I'm covering for a few different magazines but I'll also post up on here just for you guys.

This jumper was an incredibly kind gift from the people behind Rare clothing; Think Publicity. I was devastated that I had to miss the blogger preview event and it was so lovely to be emailed a month or so later offering an item of my choice. The team is always so generous and polite - a big thanks to Almina & Lauren. It's so soft and I love the detailing - a little bit quirky!
For those who want to get their hands on it - it's £39.00 from rarefashion.co.uk :)

If you haven't checked out Rare's gorgeous new AW10 range, including the Opulence line, I seriously advise you to now. They've stepped up their game to produce some beautiful dresses and Acne-style shoes. I've already added about 10 pieces to my lust list.

Off I go now but there'll be a post on Sunday. And I'll also get round to all your lovely, supportive comments!
Some interning outfits...

My hair colour changed mid-way through! Bit strange to compare.

Left: Striped top - sisters, Denim shorts - DIY, Leggings - H&M, Brogues - Barratts
Right: In the fashion cupboard! Dress - kind gift from Funk Rock, Cardigan - Primark

My next post will have behind-the-scenes shots of the celebrity photoshoot I went on. I can say now that it was an absolutely amazing experience... depending on number of readers of each post I'm going to start updating every other day I hope.
Lots of lovely event coverage, interviews & of course London Fashion Week to come!

Lots of love x
Gawd you guys...so I should really tell you all about Company! I'm sorry that I haven't updated you but as I'm sure you can understand things have been pretty mental/hectic & also I've had some internet issues.

Anyway I can't believe this is going to be my final week... I'll probably now keep posting about it afterwards as there's so much to catch up on.
Then in September I'll be talking about some new ventures, some great fashion events and of course getting into the realms of London Fashion Week - I'm so excited for September. It'll be fashion central... oh, and I'm off to Uni! If any of you guys are let me know - maybe we'll even be in the same place!
I don't want to overwhelm you with heaps of writing so as I said I'll definitely be posting about Company for a while over multiple posts. I'm gathering more photographic "evidence" in my final week too ;)

I was pretty nervous about my first day; looking the part, getting there on time, remembering everything... Lucky for me the Company fashion team is lovely to work with. They may often be stressed or too busy to help but at the end of the day we'll chat about everything and the whole experience hasn't actually been too stressful at all! A big difference to what I've heard from other interns. Not only has it not been too stressful but I've actually got to do so much more than I thought I would, and again a lot more than others. Seriously we work so hard to impress our superiors! On my first day I met Tobi, the other intern, and we got on so well. I love her style & whether she wants to be or not I'll get some photos of her up on here.

My first week mainly consisted of learning the ins and outs of the fashion cupboard. We did returns [luckily not on foot!], made appointments for the team and got prices for credits. It's really interesting liaising with PRs and we had great fun calling in items for an celebrity shoot.
I was absolutely amazed when on my second day the fashion director asked if I wanted to go on a photoshoot with her that Thursday - my first week! I'd tried really hard to impress her and it looked like it worked. The photoshoot was amazing and it was a great opportunity to get one on one time with the fashion director before she went on holiday; I asked a lot of questions! It was just the two of us on the shoot plus make up artist, hair stylist, photographer + assistant, and because we were lucky enough to have a location bus, our driver Dan!

The final images looked absolutely stunning & I wanted so many of the clothes used. It was an edgy British lady look with tweed, dogtooth & tartan matched again leather and boots; yum. We used a gorgeous 1960s Ford Mustang [car] too as a backdrop - my favourite! I was so grateful for the experience and I was focused on making sure the FD had everything she needed, taking credits & I even got to help with styling! Wow.

More soon - and images too!

Lots of love x
[An interesting welcome at the PURE event...!]

Hi all! Sorry I've been so MIA.
My first two weeks at Company have been amazing, not even exaggerating...but more on that later.
First off I'll tell you about an event I went to last Sunday.

It's called PURE London as is basically a huge tradeshow which showcases all of next season's items from loads of brands.
I got invited by my lovely sponsor Funkrock to pick some items from their new collection.
I also picked up some fab other unknown brands which I can't wait to share with you soon!

I finally got to spend some time with Molly too which was lovely!
Here's some photos from the day. Mainly of Funkrock/Lovestruck's next collection (AW10).

I'll reply to comments as soon as I can but unfortunately have the odd internet issue!
I'm home this weekend so expect more posts soon!

Lots of love,
Milly x

Great jewellery for AW10!

Lovestruck have lots of lovely prints!

Love this cute owl ring!
Can't wait to recieve this zip dress!
OK so this is stupidly late... I've been travelling again and never know if I will or won't have internet! Luckily for this week I do :)
Latitude was fabulous. The music was excellent, as was the atmosphere. We met Yeasayer which was so cool, and listened to some newer bands like Lissie and Lauren Pritchard. Big names included Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons, The XX [favourite performance!] and The Temper Trap. There were so many different tents too, like comedy, and a CSM & Chelsea Graduate Fashion Show across the lake!

I also stopped by the Fashion Shed in the Faraway Forest, where fashion promotion students showcased their final work [magazines / zines etc], and a live photoshoot took place.
Here's a few snapshots! [I have about 1000 more...]

What I Wore
Meeting Yeasayer
Checking out the fashion promotion students' work
[&Wildfox returns!]

Whilst there I took some Street Style shots for Shop Pulse, check them out here:

& You can read my more detailed review of the festival on the Cellardoor Magazine blog here:

I'm moving to the London area on Sunday for my Company internship; so excited!
Be ready for events, outfit posts, intern diaries & lots more.
On Sunday I'll also be attending two fashion events which will be covered on here afterwards - look out for them!

lots of love x
[I wish I had a ring collection like this.]

Friday will see a new post with lots of news!

Just over a week until my internship at Company magazine, so so excited...
I got final details today! & have been sorting my clothes ;)

Keep up to date by following me!
I'll be posting intern stories & outfits, plus coverage of some events lined up in London.
PLUS if you're a follower on google you might just receive a newsletter with some special extra information, and an invitation...

lots of love x

Photo credit: Tumblr
Off to Latitude today!! If you're going make sure you seek me out to be street style snapped for Shop Pulse. I'll be scouting a lot to day as I won't be watching bands.

I hope the weather cheers up... I'd really like to just wear cut offs and loose tops. Or beautiful white dresses fit for Italy, like the ones I've recently scouted from The White Company.
I've never really had a decent look at this shop, although there is one in town. But I really think it actually has some great items, especially for a more sophisticated summer look.

I love the simplicity of this white dress, and would wear it over this gorgeous bandeau bikini. I'm not sure if this style would suit me but have seen some people looking beautiful in them so maybe I'll try it!

Lucky for me I've been given some great voucher codes & the like which you can check out here: The White Company & here: Voucher Codes

Summer sun, cocktails by the beach, barefoot in the sand, light dresses to slip on and off, reading Fitzgerald's 'The Beautiful & The Damned'...

what's everyone's summer plans?

I'll be MIA 'til Monday; see you then for some exciting news & photos from my weekend!
Finally after this weekend I'll have the internet non-stop, and have some got some really solid, inspiring posts to share with proper detail & information :)

Here's a little catch up...x

Sporadic postings caused by spontaneous days and lovely beach trips.
I've spent the weekend at my grandma's/beach with my boyfriend.
I'll reply to all comments tomorrow, and August will see a huge focus on my blog especially whilst interning at Company [not long now!].

This is my new Wildfox top, that I mentioned in the last post, from the Pop Store event.
I love the colour and wore it to a special club night that I rep for on Thursday.
I'm definitely going to be wearing it to Latitude festival.

If you're going to Latitude keep an eye out for me as I'll be street style photographing for Shop Pulse!

On another note I've been featured as the 'Angel of the Week' on the Uncover Aussie site!
I love being an Aussie Angel & you can see the interview below:

The new re-launched Velvet magazine is also out, and I was asked to write the main fashion spread! I spoke about the Anglia Ruskin Degree Show [p38-9]

More exciting news soon!
Finally exams are all over & I've had a pretty crazy last few days...
[I'll reply to comments on the last post tomorrow!]
Every day has already been incredibly hectic, but so much fun.

On Thursday I went to London with my sister, Tess [whatwasfoundthere.blogspot.com]. She had an interview & then we spent the day shopping, before going off to an exclusive preview for 15 bloggers of the Wildfox, LNA, Disayra & Disney Couture Pop Up Sale! It was held in the Whiteleys Shopping Centre & other fabulous people included MiggyLikesTheInternet, Laura from Shop Pulse & Yay or Nay.

The sale is being hosted by Pop Store which is an initiative that takes over empty shop spaces for a limited time & hosts sample sales.
We were greeted with champagne & had lots of time to browse.
We even got to go away with a FREE item! & as someone who has lusted over many Wildfox & LnA pieces for quite some time the whole thing was awesome. Thanks PopStore :)
Sorry - photo heavy!

Disney Couture

Laura from Shop Pulse
Yay or Nay & Tess


The actual event is this weekend. I thoroughly advise you to get there as early as possible! As the clothes are amazing, at very good prices & they even have some stock from the current season [mad]

Saturday 3rd July 12 – 8pm Sunday 4th July 12 – 6pm

POP STORE Whiteleys Shopping Center Queensway, London W2 4YN

And here's a whole lots of photos from the event...!


One final exam & then I have so much on, most of which I'll share with you all!
Exams definitely suck...I've missed:
Rare Press Day
Magazine Launch
Free VIP Backstage tickets to Glastonbury
all because of these exams, argh...

There are so many things I want at the moment, a lot of these come in the form of shoes...

Interning Shoes? - I need comfy shoes that will stay on but still look stylish!
[Click the names to go to them!]

Going Out/Press Day/Events Shoes?
ASOS HELGA Leather & Chain Heel Sandals
[I'd pair these with some rolled chinos & a sheer blouse]

Other than that my 'saving up for' list is pretty endless...

SLR for events/LFW etc
USA [travel + interning for 3months-1year, yay!]
Chloe or Orla Kiely Blouse
Marc Jacobs dress
Babooshka Turban
[it goes on...]

What're you all lusting after?