[So looking forward to summer & festival season!]

Sorry all for lack of posting.
My internet's down which is NOT cool when you're a freelance writer/blogger/student.
Otherwise I'm in the middle of a three day exam, help!

Anyway, I'm currently posting from Mike's laptop. Which also means I don't have any of my photos or images. It gets worse and worse ;)

HOWEVER, I thought I'd give you all a taster of what's coming up as soon as I can get my internet working:

Main helper at a fashion show. Expect backstage photos & gossip.
Another internship to add to the future Intern Diaries
VIP Aussie Party
Street Style Photos from London
Some new articles
and much more!

I've also been getting some great emails that I hope to share. And thank you!! to the one's from you fellow bloggers / followers!

Apologies also to all the lovely comment-ers. I'll make this my priority when I have some more internet time!
Also hopefully expect a giveaway :)

lots of love

photo from tumblr.
Looking forward to this at the weekend...
Frock me with TK Maxx, presented by Alexa Chung and Henry Holland is back this Sunday on T4!
Here's a behind the scenes sneak preview.
Will you be watching??

Outfit posts, features and more fashion bits and bobs to come!


So for my A Level textiles the theme is 'Illusion'. This led to ideas on children's stories and I eventually ended up with 'Peter and the Wolf'. As part of this I did a mini 'photoshoot' as some response work. I was partly inspired by the Topshop Unique AW10 Show:

My Photos...

[In the story the wolf gets caught by rope hanging from a tree...I'm not doing this just for the hell of it ;)]

Unfortunately I don't have a big ol' wolf's head lying around, and I'm not a major fur girl.
However I do have a beautiful fake fur wrap that Mike's mum got be for my birthday from Laura Ashley! And I went for it with the hair and make up... that hair took a LONG time to unravel, the things I do for A Levels.
It was great fun doing it and I'm pretty pleased with the photos, even if they're not really really wolf-like...
Anyway, what do you guys think?

Some more surprises for tomorrow / the weekend for you all!

Lauren of the-details-in-the-fabric.blogspot.com
[It's a pretty ace blog, go take a peek!]

Sorry everyone else, don't fear though...more giveaways to come soon!

In other news I'm going to the first Aussie (haircare) party on May 8th. Hopefully I'll bring back some goodies, and hopefully share a few with you guys! It's set to be a pretty ace night from the invitation.

Outfit posts, feature and "photoshoot" tomorrow... I'm still piled up with coursework but will post daily / every other day anyway :)

lots of love x

Hey guys, thanks for all your lovely comments!
I'll get back to you asap but have to get on with all my work that's due next week... my list includes: Eng cwk, Art cwk, Art exam project, 3,000 word essay, 70 mark question, 20 page booklet. Oh the fun of A Levels :)

Anyway, I thought I would leave all of you a little something whilst I'm working away.

The lovely people here: discount codes have offered me a £25 ASOS voucher to give away to all you lovely readers. They do some great discounts including at Miss Selfridge & ASOS, grab the codes here: Miss Selfridge and ASOS

Anyway, on to the giveaway!

It's simple really, you must...
1. Be a follower of this blog, this is just because I want the giveaway to be a thank you to all my lovely followers! (You can be a new follower though. Also please say if it's bloglovin' rather than google reader!)
2. Leave a comment saying you've entered with your email address

The winner will be drawn on Wednesday in the evening (UK time) at random!

Best of luck,


Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend. I've been at work the entire time (some photos to come soon!). Although not so bad thanks to the amount of money I'll have earned for summer...

Wearing: Black platform heels, New Look. Spotty tights, vintage. White pearl dress, boutique in Brighton. White ribbon, haberdashery. Pearl & crystal necklace, present from boyfriend.

Some news: I got an email from the lovely Emma inviting me to be an 'Aussie Angel'. Aussie is a haircare range and I went to one of their events earlier in the year, kindly invited by my friend Hannah of london--rose.blogspot.com who is also an 'Angel'. My role will consist of helping organise events (maybe you'll be invited ;)), reviewing products and so on... I'll keep you posted!


I went to an event last night that my friend Andrew was a part of, it was so lovely to see him after a long time and I'll be seeing him more soon; including this Saturday!

It was in a vintage and second-hand store who were selling off all the high street stock they'd been donated but didn't want to sell on a usual day. I picked up a lovely little Karen Millen jumper for a fiver which will no doubt feature on here soon. I also saw Remember Me with my friend Alice which I really enjoyed although we felt it was a little slow.
Also I've picked up this month's Velvet* too and I'm in there, so have a look if you can! :)


“Success is often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable.”
Coco Chanel

On Saturday I went to the beach with my family and Mike and we stopped off at the most amazing charity / vintage store. It stocked vintage Jaeger skirts, tights, buttons, beautiful bags, Burberry and so much more. I nabbed myself these two pairs of tights on the cheap; vintage Christian Dior: yum, and I just love the pattern on the others.

Passing the time with tea, blog browsing, mad amounts of textiles coursework, outfit inspirations...
Happy Easter everyone!
First off a piece of good news...

I received news that I've been accepted onto a placement to intern at Company magazine throughout the month of August. I'll keep you all updated on my daily antics, outfits and excitement so make sure to keep up to date then!

Also I'll shortly be sharing some images of some clothing and textiles I've been producing, and a few other exciting bits and pieces.

Also for those of you that don't know, after completing my work experience at Velvet* / Nktbe* magazine they asked me to stay on as a freelance writer. I've been in the issues since February, and am in this month's Nktbe* with two features.
For those who can't pick up their own copy, you can find them online at nktbe.co.uk and velvetmag.co.uk :)


So last night I went to a club night I was repping for.
It was of course lovely to catch up with people.
The music was the best I've heard in Cambridge and the venues my favourite too.
Freebies of haribo, chocolate eggs, glow sticks and UV paint...
I dragged my Levi's tshirt from the post below out again to do the 'day to night' look although technically I hadn't really been wearing it during the day...I'd be trying a load of different looks.
Anyway, I teamed it with my DIY denim cut offs, over the knee socks and 5 inch heels, yum.
Plus some braids and of course the bright blue nails!
Excuse my face in the last photo ;)

A truly fashion-related post tomorrow, I promise.