A Day in the Marina District

When you have six essays, one exam, and really just want it to be the holidays already its good to take a break and do a little city wandering. Having passed Fillmore St many times on the Muni, heading to Marina Green for America's Cup and what have you, it was time to explore the area properly. I also knew one of my favourite online stores was hiding on a street nearby...We actually went to some other areas afterwards too - but more on that later!

First stop was Brandy Melville, one of my personal online favourites, and also popular with other bloggers like Rosie of thelondoner.me and hellonikki.net. Apparently it recently opened back home on the Kings Road, London.

One of the rooms. I've already got my Christmas and post-holiday wishlist prepared. I'll be sharing my items with you soon. 

Cute signs for your home, these ones are personal to San Francisco.

These cute hearts are dotted around the city with different designs on them.

My favourite pizza place in SF: Extreme. We shared half Pandora's Box (spinach,artichoke hearts,sundried tomatoes, garlic & feta) & half Holy Cow (four cheeses and walnuts)!

The San Francisco-based French bakery: La Boulange. Everything from pastries to quiches and coffee.

A little treat in a pretty blue bag.

Passion fruit macaroon. Chocolate macaroon.

What did you all get up to this weekend? 


Travel Essentials

This year has seen me move myself from England to San Francisco for a year. In this time I'll also be hopping around the West Coast and, although I had to pack for a year, I thought I'd share a few of my travel essentials with you... before I share my actual travels.

Lipbalm: I've been using PawPaw for over two years now ever since my Australian flat mate introduced us... I use it religiously on dry lips, but its also great on chapped skin and cuts etc.
Neutral Nail Colour: This is a new purchase and a great colour. It's good to have a shade that will go with almost anything when packing light.
Mini Hand cream: Crabtree and Evelyn is not too greasy, and this one smells delicious!

Moleskine planner - trying to organise interning, school, socialising and travelling can be tricky. This makes sure that (in the main) I don't forget anything.
Journal - I would never be able to keep up with a daily diary, but I love to fill this little book with photos, tickets, notes and so forth from my travels.

Book - I'm currently reading Patti Smith's Just Kids. I highly recommend you read it too. 
Travel guide - before I settled into the city this book was super helpful. A lovely little gift from my sister, Rough Guides provide some of the best travel books in my opinion.

Smartphone - while I am in love with my DSLR sometimes I just need a quick snapshot or something lighter. The camera on this little one is brilliant, and it has all the apps I could ever need without costing so much $$.

I've already visited Southern California once - and I'll shortly be sharing my adventures with you. Next up is the Christmas holidays where I'll be revisiting SoCal, heading to LA, and plans are in the works to head North to Portland and Seattle.

What are your travel essentials? Or if you've been to these places any hotspots I should visit?

Treasure Island

So the other weekend the girls and I went to a music festival, on an island, Treasure Island to be exact.
The name reminds me of all things childish and particularly Disney. 

The island actually hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including the Treasure Island Flea Market the last weekend of every month (more on that later I'm sure).

Setting off we got on the free shuttle bus - read limo style leather sofa bus - got off on the picturesque little island with stunning views of the bay and the city, and enjoyed our day. 

Favourites included The XX (with bits of their new album), Los Campesinos, M83 and Youth Lagoon.
We enjoyed the festival food, including the best Red Velvet Cupcake I've ever had (Sorry Hummingbird...), checked out some stalls, and lazed about in the sun. 

Palms, Balloons & San Francisco Skyline in the Background
Bridge Stage
Tunnel Stage & Los Campesinos
Infamous Ferris Wheel

Lets Go, San Francisco

So, I finished my second internship at a PR company in London, which may well have been the best internship I have done to date. I've been invited back and definitely plan to next summer. 

 In the meantime I've popped across the Atlantic to live here...for a year. (For those who aren't aware the photo is the Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco). My time here has already been amazing, attending regular free festivals and street fairs - the street food fair may well have been one of the best (more on that later). My classes are really interesting, I've made a lovely group of American friends, and the city's incredible. I'm off to the OC/LA/San Diego for thanksgiving too, having kindly been invited in the first few weeks here, so there'll be plenty of news from that trip. And am looking into where to go at Christmas. 

Food, travel, lifestyle, fashion, some exciting news... and more photos coming super soon! 

 much love x

Intern Take Two

My two week stint at New Look passed in a blur. I was part of the PR department which involved running the in-store press office for two days with another intern (managing appointments, choosing items for call ins), doing image requests and returns in head office, and running the sample sale. The other girls were all fun to work with and while New Look taught me some things, it just wasn't busy enough for someone as hands on as myself. I have to be doing something at all times - hence interning almost solidly throughout my four month summers when I'm off University.

In my second week I had an interview at somewhere I've been dreaming to work since I found out about it. I met one of the team at the Company Style Blogger Awards and was so pleased to hear from her last week. I won't give too much away but they have some great brands and do numerous events. As someone who's recently been putting on my own fashion and music events this is a great experience. So far I've been mad busy almost every minute of every day, quite a change but just what I want.

Check back for more interning info, party coverage and snippets of my current lifestyle. These next few weeks are going to be mental with this, my fashion writing work, jam packing my social life before...I'm off to San Francisco for 11 months in just over 4 weeks time!!

Also - how do you like the changes I've been doing on the blog? Shop's up this week. Lots of Topshop, independent boutiques, American Apparel and more. x

Today and Tie Dye

First day interning at New Look today in the PR team. While it was fun in-store I'm looking forward to the more intense roles within Head Office. First day saw us picking out our favourite item(s) - we couldn't stick to one ! I chose a black chiffon dress with leather detail (you should know what I'm like about leather) for night, and a tie dye tunic for day. 

"“Our intern Millie picks her favourite bits in store now @mlle_milly”"

I've got a lot of photography, meetings (PRs, bloggers & the like) and more to update you on soon. Follow me on twitter at @mlle_milly for updates inbetween!

How're you all spending your summers?  Let me know if you're in London.
I can't believe I move to San Francisco (for a year) in about six weeks...! 


Broadway Market

For me, Broadway Market is quintessentially London. So I love a little trip down to soak up the vibes. Whether I'm being drawn to the fresh fish store, the corner pub, or the wealth of exotic food stalls whose smells infiltrate my nose, it's a lovely place to spend a lazy Sunday. Equally there's a lot of pretty crafts and cosy knit jumpers for sale. The vibrancy of the street sums up so many things I love about London. 

Spicy, orangey, yoghurty goodness
{My meal}
Stuffed Persian dates bought for the sister



Cosy knits

Perfect hog roast!
{Sissabel's meal}

Irresistible - some came home.

What're your favourite London lazy weekend hot spots?

Company Style Bloggers

So last week I went to the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards.
I went as a nominee and also took my sister along. She lives in London and has a rather fab job and we don't see much of each other, so it was nice to catch up!

The night consisted of New Look previews, delicious (I mean seriously drinkable too, help!) cocktails made with Pink Pigeon rum, make up from Jemma Kidd, yum canapes and of course a lot of bloggers to socialise with. It was nice to chat to some of the Company team too since interning there a few years back (it's scary that it was so long ago now...).

Style Bloggers!

Pink Pigeon rum is vanilla based and one of a current favourite! Highly recommed you try it.

Pink Pigeon's Mauritian Mule cocktail - Pink Pigeon rum, ginger beer, lime & sugar...I can't explain how good it is.


Prawns with thai curry dip

New Look Preview

Rosie of rosie-glow.blogspot.com!

Blogger Drinks & the Bar

What Tess wore

What I wore - the dress was kindly sent to me by Selina at Motel Rocks and this image doesn't do it justice with my jacket on...so more images to come!

It was a fun evening, closely followed the day after by Norwich Fashion Week...coverage coming up! x

Bill's Cafe

Having lusted over this restaurant in Brighton for quite some time, I was excited to see it opening in Cambridge. While I don't want it to become a typical 'chain' [ie in every single city...] I think Cambridge was a good choice - not just because I'm biased living there!

Shop while you wait...

Butternut Squash Risotto - some of the best risotto we've tried.
Bill's Hamburger - with skin on chips!

I love Bill's store-come-restaurant, and the decor itself. It's a cosy cafe but there's something sophisticated about it with it's long bar and delicious dishes [without the painful price tag]. While you eat you can fill in a shopping list, and they'll pop all your choices into a bag ready for you to go home with. Both of our meals met and passed expectations, and I'd recommend both the Cambridge restaurant and the Brighton one in a heartbeat.

34 – 35 Green Street, Cambridge

What restaurants are you currently recommending?
Look out for my coverage of the Company Style Blogger Awards & Norwich Fashion Week!

Company Style Blogger Awards

This Wednesday I'll be attending the Company Style Blogger Awards, of which I was a nominee for two categories.

So look out for coverage as of Thursday!

Now to decide just what to wear...x

A Gatsby Affair

Sorreh sorreh. Hello 2012, mental Christmas with hospital visits and the like unfortunately, back to University, work shifts, catching up with friends, sorting the house out...and so forth. but here's some pretty photos now I'm a bit free-er.

The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books. I like it when my friends make an effort and dress up. It was my 20th Birthday. The evident outcome...?

A Very Gatsby Affair...

Jazz Music, bow ties, pearls, feathers, raspberry-based home made cocktail (accompanied by compliments!), candles, sparklers, attempts at the Charleston (my friend Fiona is really very good)...

great gatz

happeh birthdays







Had such a lovely birthday, hello 2012.


Also - I've been nominated for the Company Style Blogger Awards. Those lovely people over there at one of my favourite magazines. I'm absolutely surprised/privileged.
You can vote here:


[I'm photo & overall categories]