These Lights Will Inspire You...

...Expect more than one post on America. And then Christmas. And shortly my birthday!
Then we shall finally hit up the competition... my blog will hopefully be quite hectic.
We got stuck in Washington for an extra day due to the snow. 23inches. Beat that.
But Avatar&The Hard Rock Cafe made up for it. Plus we saw Bo, Obama's dog ;)

Only in New York...sweetest dancing Panda ever.
The MoMa blew me away. Visit it.

Artwork in the street.

View from Staten Island Ferry. Not the best, bit windy.

Who said I was afraid of heights...oh right, me. View from Empire State at night.
Times Square.

Outfit Posts. Purchases. Christmas. Birthday.
All to come... :)

How are your holidays?!
M x

A Note.

To say... I am so busy trying to complete everything for magazines and college before I head off to NEW YORK this week. I promise to have lots of photos and things to talk about on my return.

Otherwise I just wanted to let you all know Mlle-Milly will shortly be hosting it's first ever competition, and just in time for Christmas! So make sure you follow me (google) so as not to miss out & keep checking back! :)

(Source: ELLE UK)

Also huge YAY for Jourdan Dunn (one of a number of favourite models) who had her first baby on Thursday - a little boy! So sweet. And yet she keeps that figure of hers. One word: jealous (obviously)

M x

The National Portrait Gallery...&other things.

For those of you who live in the UK, and have suitable access to London, I cannot resist encouraging you to head down to the National Portrait Gallery this Christmas.
A personal favourite of mine I absolutely adore the gallery, more so if the exhibition is a photographic one - I'm more photographer than painter see.
So here are two I encourage you to see:

Twiggy: A Life In Photographs

until March 2010
This inspirational woman who is still evident in the fashion world today captured the imagination of the swinging sixties with her boyish figure, long legs and cropped hair.
The iconic photograph by Barry Lategan from 1966 (above) will be shown, right up to some from 2008.
Model, Actor, Television Presenter and more, this is not to be missed.

Beatles to Bowie, The 60s Exposed
(in case you didn't notice I rather love the Sixties)
until 24th January, 2010
The collection presents 0ver 150 photographs of 1960s London, along with various memorabilia.
It will feature iconic music personalities from the era who inspired cultural and social changes at the time. Bands and individuals who will not be forgotten quickly, from The Rolling Stones to Cliff Richard.
Spoil your inner wild child, or hippie chick, and head down to the exhibition to get a real feel for those awesome times.

On a final note...
I realised I never posted my most recent article for Amelia's.
So here it is:

M x


So I'm not going to go into huge apologies for not over a month (I probably should really thanks to that horrific time-scale). UCAS / Coursework / Job etc.

I hope you're all well and school / college / university / jobs are not getting you down.
Not long until the Christmas holidays for me and personally I CANNOT WAIT.
I'm off to New York for the first time ever...and so excited about it. We're also hitting up Washington DC & a day stop in Philli...gonna be a bit mad, and going with college but hopefully stupidly fun. If I'm feeling really generous / have any money left (".) you may find a little Christmassy competition appears on here after my trip ;)

I've got my first article in Not Just A Label now. It was on the front page for a while, the title of their newsletter, and the main feature of the newsletter so I was rather proud to say the least. Not Just A Label is one of my favourite sites so I've been hanging on for this moment for some time.

Ta Da!
I'll be back now, I hope... with outfits / gifts / reviews and so on, so please feel neglected no longer! & do keep updated by following me on bloglovin'

Lotsofmadlovetoyouallforputtingupwithme ;)

M xxx

Final Press Release + Workworkwork!

Some people hate that they HAVE to work. I love my job - I work in a boutique, we have events like Champagne Evenings with mini makeovers, and my boss is willing to take me to London events like PURE + gave me a voucher for a free nail treatment (see photo :)). All the girls are also so lovely, I work on my own on Sundays - and I've only been there about a month!
Here's some cute snaps that I took last Sunday - we've just launched Rings Eclectic and I sold the first one. They're so gorgeous ;)

Bespoke Headbands - I have that jewelled one :)

Cute Cupcake Bath Bombs

Bumble Bee Eclectic Ring!

Rings Eclectic

The Boutique
Also, final press release as promised. I know a lot of you aren't a big fan of Uggs - association with those slightly cloned-look A&F etc girls. But the whole point of fashion is to create your own individual look, and personally I think they're pretty toastie for the winter weather - so team with leggings and a cute shift dress instead. And you can't complain if they're FOR FREEEE...
Click the above to find out how to win!
Sarah of whoogaboots sent me this :)
M x


You all know from previous posts how I like to help out those good causes. Well here's another and it comes in the form of a great issue of Lipstick Royalty Magazine.
Lipstick Royalty's October Issue is a very special one, with all proceeds going to The Laura Crane Trust, a trust based in Huddersfield for the care of young people with cancer, which is very close to the editors' hearts!

You can download the edition HERE for just £1.50, which I think is incredibly good value whilst helping charity.

The issue features information on how to enter LR's exclusive sweepstake featuring and C.TA Glam Couture!
There's also pieces on Sugar Mafia Jewellery, Darimeya and the band Nylon Pink.

There's really no excuse not too :)
Thanks to Amy Claire Thompson, the fashion editor, for contacting me about this.

I have one final press release and then I'll be posting events, my week of work experience and more - so keep updated by following me on bloglovin' or google reader.

M x

M.I.A No Longer, Press Releases! (long post!)

Sorry all for my absence, haven't been feeling my best lately and it eventually caught up with me so have been ill, in bed, joy...! I do have a few bits and pieces that I hope will cheer you all up on my return though - a few exciting events and releases coming up that I've been personally sent, or organised myself.

First off: As a new addition to the NJAL writer's team I was sent this lovely press release. I'm so gutted I can't go (due to being home, ill etc), especially as I was invited to the invite-only drinks party. Please do go along though, by some amazing pieces, and take lots of photos so I can fuel my jealousy even more.

NJAL, the leading global business directory for showcasing avant-garde fashion designers, is unleashing its online array of unique designs in the form of a Pop-Up Store, bringing the collection and consumer even closer together. During an exclusive, two-day only event in Notting Hill, professionals and creators will have the chance to meet and mingle in a fresh and inspiring surrounding.

THE ONLINE SHOP has been providing access to rare fashion pieces from a wide selection of fashion brands for four months now. Each month is hosted by a fashion personality; Robin Schulié, Diane Pernet and Amanda Lepore all happily lent their names to THE SHOP. Most recently the latest sell out collection was chosen by supermodel Lara Stone, W Magazine’s current "most wanted face of the moment", winning the attention and acclaim of global fashion media.

THE LOCATION has become a favourite amongst the London fashion set, being renowned for its glamour. Beach Blanket Babylon occupies a prominent position in an old Georgian Mansion in the heart of Notting Hill. Famous for its unique interior design blending Boho Chic, French Country Style and Rococo; it is known the world over as a by-word for lavish luxury.

LARA STONE’s uniquely selected collection will be available in the store, alongside a wide range of our most inspiring young designers’ work. The pop-up store will benefit NJAL’s most promising designers with crucial exposure in new markets. Furthermore, the event will help raise awareness of young and upcoming fashion, but also promote the idea of sustainable fashion.

THE POP-UP STORE will take place on Friday 23rd October 12 lunch – 11pm and Saturday 24th October 10am – 3pm. As a further exclusive offer guests can receive 25% off lunch or dinner on Friday 23rd, and brunch on Saturday 24th by bringing their invite along. Come down to experience the frontlines of fashion and to shop otherwise off limit design in an inspiring environment.

RSVP essential:


Isn't the venue stunning?!
M x

She's a regular.

Hey All!
As you may remember from a post further back - I was desperate to do some interning at Amelia's Magazine but couldn't fit in the 3 months they needed. So now the lovely fashion editor has accepted my application to become a regular contributor - yes!
I just saw my second article is up, which I didn't even realise. A pretty different style to my usual writing so quite hard to compose - think I'll be happier when I go back to my style reviews. Coming soon: Designer Interview - watch this space!
Here's the link to the latest article:

What do you guys think? Who do you write for?
Ps. - I am so in love with the Chanel show. Ruffles!

M x

That Header Girl...

...For those of you who haven't seen it - check out the new Talula campaign.
First spotted it on <-- a new favourite.

My new header features one of their campaign photos!
& I'm deseperate for the rose leggings, lace dress and slouchy cropped jumper.
Unfortunately it's only stocked in AMERICA & has no online store, boo.
Don't you just hate when that happens?

Although I'm hoping I finally have a contact who can send me the items from San Francisco - Yes!
So as not to be a total copier, I've only posted the outfits I'm lusting after below: you just have to see them!

Rose Leggings

Lace Dress

Slouchy Cropped Jumper

What's on your current fashion wishlist?

M x
Listen to: Embers - Just Jack

LFW: 1. Wo/Man (Warning: Long Post!)

The most fun-filled evening I've had in a while.
Arrival: Guestlist, Wristbands, The Daily
Finally meeting the lovely Aindrea (blogger friend!) who sat us front row... to the art editor of Amelia's Magazine.

Luckyluckylucky I offered my POP magazine & later struck up a conversation about what shows she'd been to earlier in the day...(see end of post as to why!)
The show kicked off with a performance from upcoming London band 'The Dolly Rockers'. We absolutely LOVED them, perhaps not to everyone's taste but perfect for a night out. Check 'Boys will be Boys'.
The clothes were full of draping, graphic floral prints, and gorgeous gorgeous shoes kindly donated by Irregular Choice. The team had put a LOT of effort in in the 4-5months that they had (crazy!). An urban feel dominated the collection, with a few softer touches from the materials used. Denim also featured, as did the idea of 'Best of British' - think union jack bags and LONDON waistcoats. All together something which I hope to see more of in the future.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Children In Need graphic tshirts & a documentary showing on the BBC in the next few months about the making of the collection. (Hopefully we'll be on some of the shots from the show - we were sat opposite the camera :P)
Once the show finished we had a bit more of a chat with the art editor, the lovely Satu Fox...who actually asked us to write up the show for Amelia's Magazine (who I've been emailing about internships over the past few weeks & also saw are now following my twitter - coincidence!)

See it at :

Afterwards came a lovely drinks reception - perfect opportunity to NETWORK.
Wine and cheese sticks were pursued, along with Vitamin Water.
Also got to meet some favourite bloggers / friends: Sophie of, Claire of young shields and of course Aindrea! ! Hopefully meeting them again soon...funnily enough Claire lives a road away from my grandma - SMALL WORLD.
Hope to see more of you next season...!
M x
p.s - Like my headband? It's from my new job!

Everyone's talking about...

Oh how I love you.

Tonight I'm headed off to hit the streets of London with my best friend Miss. PD. (

I kindly got invited to the BBC Blast, Your Label Show - 1. Wo/Man, by a blogger friend who I keep in touch with through emails and the like. I've seen a few previews of the outfits and it looked wonderful. Maybe casual chic with some beautiful twists. I'd be so tempted to buy them...and it's all been designed by a young group of people who entered the competition!

I'll be reviewing the event tomorrow so keep checking back.
I'm not giving a full rundown of my favourite shows / the shows in general because that's all over the place.
So here's just two that I liked when flicking through
VIVs Red Label.

Her 'Little Bow Peep' outfit was so sweet - simplistic style but the gorgeous tartan effect showing through. Love the idea behind it.

She did quite a few 'slouchy' style dresses, very casual but seem to have some sort of hidden allure. Draping was definitely the key feature - from block colour dresses, to pretty patterns or crazy, bold prints she did them all.

Miss. P.D will no doubt be dying to buy it all!

Danielle Scutt
Love the assortment of crazy prints this lady uses. Not sure I'd wear them on a day to day basis but dressed down at a party they could be just beautiful. So very individual - check out those models' hair too!

Looking forward to William Tempest's collection - should be up tomorrow!
And if you're in London tonight - maybe I'll see you there!
Photo Credits:

In The Name Of Charity.

Caro & I
From a full length, long sleeved dress. Skirt taken off and bunched, sleeves cut, back rouched and purple silk slit attached. Purple waist ribbon and matching 'mask'.
Lace detailing and buttons added.
Long floral, wide legged trousers made into 'knickerbocker' style shorts. My own chiffon designs with buttons added around neckline of strap top.

I'm all into my charity things. Teenage Trust. Lost Children of Afghanistan. Climate Change. Oxfam. It goes on.
Various events, donations and sponsorship have often happened on my part and here I combine fashion with charity.

The Four Seasons Charity Fashion Show, The Junction, Cambridge.
Design brief: select items from Oxfam/British Heart Foundation and create them into designs to wear at the fashion show.

Some people re-styled, I completely re-created. Deconstruction. Reconstruction. Sewing. Decorating and so on.

The evening was a great success with items for auction from LFW and some top companies. Work experience with a fashion design company to be won by the best outfits. Stalls selling the best of Oxfam and BHF.

Hair done at Scruffs. Make up by Clarins.
Workshops conducted by Nikki Goldup.
Photos: Various

Catch Up 3: Mike's Ball <3

Dodgems. Donuts. Dancing.
Sambuca. . Malibu.
Pendulum. Scouting for Girls. Platnum.
12+ hours.

Main Room.


We got through to morning light!!
Coming outside from a very dark club at 5am...confusing.

What I'm Wearing?!
Dress from Dahlia (shown at Clothes Show Live, London) , Cardigan from Primark, Shoes from Bay Trading (£6 - Bargain!)

Catch Up 2: Lost In Paradise

Working as backstage assistant / PR / general assistant...
A very hectic few days. Although hitting Trinity Ball for an hour as a reward for helping organise it = SO GOOD.

Caro and I.
Sophie & Caro.
Backstage! It got rather messy...

I wore Mike's Mum's Prom Dress to the Ball, so appropriate! And vintage! :)

At The Ball: Andrew & I In the Silent Disco.
Back At Home - Hair By Seahanna!


I Am Re-Launching 'The Fabulous Girls Guide' Under The New Name 'Mlle'.

Mademoiselle. Miss. My Name: Milly.

Enjoy my fashion thoughts...x

Catch Up 1: Clothes Show Live

Caro and I went to Clothes Show Live, London 2009 in half term - back in May! ! It was a really good day and we both picked up some gorgeous buys...

1. a cropped, cream jacket with cute ruffle detailing and to the side buttons!
2. a navy blue shirt dress with folded detailing at the top (I'v
e wanted one for ages!)
3. a dress for Mike's summer ball - white, sleevless shirt with folded detailing at the top, which then goes into a navy blue skirt with a silk band at the base, and ties round the waist - pretty! !

Erin O'Connor (model and designer) and George Lamb hosted the main show, it was so great to see her in the flesh. The fashion show was a mix of dance and modelling, with some great music and out of this world dance routinues incorporating flips, lifts and so on. Some of the outfits were gorgeous, although some designs were a little more inventive...and a little bit odd :)

Freebies included More magazine, tshirt, beauty goodies and more. A must see was the beach section (once again male models loving themselves a little too much...), and getting a good look at the independent shops and designers dotted about.

A comparison to the Birmingham one suggested it wasn't as good, but seeing as it's its first year back on the Clothes Show scene I think I'll give London a second chance next year!


Sorryyyy! !

For such a huge lack of posting...AS Levels sadly got in the way. Now it's Personal Statements, University Open Days, some presentations and preparing for the fashion shows! ! I am MEGA busy...especially as I'm away every weekend until the end of July!! =/

Some quick updates:
I passed my theory test yesterday!!
I've also just been invited to help plan a re-launch party for this clothing company I know...more details to come when they come. It's a bit hush hush for now :)
I went to Clothes Show Live the other week - aceeee, photos etc will be posted next.
I've been helping with the preperation of a major fashion show. I got my friend Caroline involved which is ACEEEE, as well as Jonny who I've known for years. Last Monday I was helping with the pre-photoshoot and fitting: signing in models/designers, making sure things went to plan etc.
I'm also helping on the nights, backstage, fitting, with models, helping organise the after party. Big role really so I'm pretty pleased :) And there's hardly any other helpers. Especially for this big one at a Cambridge University Ball which almost no one is allowed backstage for (high security) and I've been invited to stay for a bit afterwards at the actual ball! !

Anyway, this post was really boring for you all I expect...I promise I will pick it up shortly: as soon as I have time!! :)

Hope all your exams went well, bring on the summer!

lotsoflove x x

Blogger Inspiration: Polka Dotty...

...taking a break from exams I got my Frassy fix {Article written for college paper in 'older posts'). A recent post contained a pink polka dot top - inspiring a happy, summery mood. Throwing on my sister's blue polka dot top in a hurry I was suddenly reminded of the post, and realised it was almost identical.

With a little extra time on my hands later on I created my own style take on Frassy's sweet candy coloured outfit. A style inspiration she produces once again.
The Sun Makes Me a Bit Too Crazy Happy...
Here I've teamed it with high waisted black shorts and black high heels for a college work / going out for drinks look. For colder weather I'd definitely add tights, and I'd like to experiment with some lyaering. I'd also like to mix it up with some more unique accessorizes, or perhaps a skirt a la Audrey.

Revision has unfortunately hit over the last few weeks, although my last exam is in less than two weeks, yay! I'm currently on half term so I've got a while to get stuck into revision. Which I've been doing fairly happily in the sun all of today (what beautiful weather, I just hope I'm not burnt!)...sometimes I actually manage to make an effort and surprise myself.

I also attended a design day to work on my pieces for the upcoming fashion show that I mentioned previously. (Photos of my creations & styling skills to come soon!) I'm very excited and I'm now on the organising team now so hopefully it'll all turn out well in the end :)

Otherwise I'm looking forward to seeing the boyf on his return from university next weekend...ahhhh! ! ! And then we're off to the beach once my exam is over on the Wednesday.

Plus this Friday I'm off to Clothes Show Live in London with Caroline: a blissful break with the likes of Erin O'Connor! Plus catwalks, style tips, trend talks, designer clothes, vintage collections, manicures and so on... :D

Hope exams are going well for all, lots of love x x x