Berkeley, CA

2013 is full of travels, but let's start with some day trips. 

Living in San Francisco Berkeley is but a mere BART ride away [kind of like the underground for you Londoners, basically just a fast train]. The sun's really getting out right now so while its cold and we're wearing a thousand layers it's still best to be outside rather than inside [where, student-wise, it's equally cold]. 

Berkeley established itself as a quiet, chilled out sort of town, with its main focus on the UC Berkeley campus. Having walked through the stunning campus, checking out the luxe buildings and redwood trees, we headed down Telegraph Avenue - which can easily be compared to San Francisco's Haight Ashbury area. 
Street stalls of tie dye tees, dream catchers, jewellery and pottery confronted us, along with a ton of delicious food spots [it's really hard to walk down the street without stopping to eat...], some cool art work and vintage-style stores. 

I'm not sure I'd have the patience to live in such a place, although it's undoubtedly more lively during term time, but it's real pretty for a day trip. 

UC Berkeley Library

Berkeley Student Notice Boards...paper thick.


Pottery stalls


Amoeba Music Store
 [infamous, there's one in SF and one in LA too]

Wall, Berkeley. Hello 2013.