I've been making the most of home-time by catching up with the best friends I left behind. We've done Yo! Sushi & shopping, and then went out the week after (with me wearing exactly what I bought with them the week before, minus the shoes). Sure have missed them. It's funny how things can change so quickly, and I've been contemplating everything with tea, sunshine and...the internet? I move into my new house in Norwich on Tuesday! And god how excited am I. I finally have a double bedroom, and there's wood floors everywhere (I have a bit of a thing about it...). This year will hopefully be full of beautiful things, and I think my head's tightly screwed on with everything I want, like and know I should do. Get ready for some photos of the new house, and snippets of daily life, friends and exciting projects x

Alice, Jess and I

Sheer panel sleeveless black top & Camel shorts: H&M
Shoes: EBay

Latitude 2011. The best weekend.
More photos on their way, with a little more fill in.
Here's what I wore on the second day:
Top: Urban Outfitters, Leggings: H&M, Bag: From a stall in Turkey
Snapshots since home time...summer food, home produce & wooden boards.

First year is over. My weeks have been filled with little sleep, sporadic beds, friends overload (although I can never get enough of them), gigs, dinners, garden parties, going out...and a hell of a lot of happiness. This year has evolved to be one of the best I've ever had, and I can't wait for the next with the beautiful people I call my friends.

This used to be primarily a 'fashion blog'. It's now a 'life blog'.
I'm foraying into music and a billion other things right now so expect everything for event coverage to food photography, festivals and of course still all the fashion! There's new jobs and my new apartment and god knows what else on the horizon...!

Oh & you'll be pleased to know, yes...I passed first year. And I will still be spending a full on year in the U S of A, including a hell of a lot of travelling with best friends - wowser.

Returning home from University meant a two-week holiday (more later), and now I've returned from that too. I always love coming home to home produce, fresh foods and what feels like being a country bumpkin.