Today and Tie Dye

First day interning at New Look today in the PR team. While it was fun in-store I'm looking forward to the more intense roles within Head Office. First day saw us picking out our favourite item(s) - we couldn't stick to one ! I chose a black chiffon dress with leather detail (you should know what I'm like about leather) for night, and a tie dye tunic for day. 

"“Our intern Millie picks her favourite bits in store now @mlle_milly”"

I've got a lot of photography, meetings (PRs, bloggers & the like) and more to update you on soon. Follow me on twitter at @mlle_milly for updates inbetween!

How're you all spending your summers?  Let me know if you're in London.
I can't believe I move to San Francisco (for a year) in about six weeks...! 


Broadway Market

For me, Broadway Market is quintessentially London. So I love a little trip down to soak up the vibes. Whether I'm being drawn to the fresh fish store, the corner pub, or the wealth of exotic food stalls whose smells infiltrate my nose, it's a lovely place to spend a lazy Sunday. Equally there's a lot of pretty crafts and cosy knit jumpers for sale. The vibrancy of the street sums up so many things I love about London. 

Spicy, orangey, yoghurty goodness
{My meal}
Stuffed Persian dates bought for the sister



Cosy knits

Perfect hog roast!
{Sissabel's meal}

Irresistible - some came home.

What're your favourite London lazy weekend hot spots?