Long Overdue Snippets of An Intern

Many of you may know of my internship at Company magazine last summer. My favourite experience has to have been the photoshoot I helped on that starred Lissie, Sky Ferreira and The Like. I saw Lissie at Latitude and absolutely loved her - so to get to meet her personally and have a chat was awesome. I actually got the chance to help with the styling - particularly of The Like.

Whilst there I took a number of "behind-the-scenes" images - especially as the location was so beautiful; a massive London house with different themed rooms on each floor. As the title suggests...here are those long overdue photos I took:

One of the rooms
The Like
The Like in another setting
A million pairs of shoes!
Accessories Table

It's was so excited to see the finished products over three months in the magazine - October, November and December!


As blogging is all about personal style, I love sharing new brands I've stumbled across that really hold their own amongst the typical high street fashions. Those that have their own individual aesthetic and often represent something more than just clothes.

My current new favourite is a brand titled "SGC NYC," so I got in touch with them. Their inspiration and pieces are said to stem from influences of fashion, art and music - which sounded just my sort of thing. On asking what they then felt their clothes stood for, the answer was simply "youthfulness, individuality and New York".

I loved the new season photoshoot they set up [see below], and the collection is exactly what I love to wear - simple, loose pieces to layer with a little bit of flair. I also love the fact you can see the design process from these sketches!





If you want to check out the clothes for yourself:
And ensure you watch their campaign video:

What new brands have you guys stumbled across?