Sister of Soul, St Kilda

Sam and I went to Melbourne for five days, excited to see what the city had to offer (more on that later). Usually on trips I am all for trying as many different restaurants and bars as possible, picking up tips from locals and fellow travellers. However, on this trip we fell in love with a place just round the corner from our air bnb apartment (which was perfect by the way) and ended up eating there two days in a row.

On both visits I had the brilliantly named "Popeye's Girlfriend" green juice, whilst Sam had the "Tropical Dream". I'm still thoroughly enjoying every moment of the health kick that Australia has bestowed on me. We loved the wood tables, Optimus Prime quote, and would quite happily have tried everything on the menu (their lunch and dinner offerings look just as exceptional as those at breakfast). Unfortunately we didn't quite have the time. Or the funds.

So we settled on the smashed avocado one day, and the corn fritters the other. It's saying something that since having the latter we've resisted having them elsewhere for fear they won't be as good..!

We also had a real lovely, and let's face it beautiful, server. Bonus!
I thoroughly recommend you try it...and let me know!

You can find Sister of Soul at 73 Acland St, St Kilda


Unknown said...

Mmm looks so delicious! I'm a huge avocado fan :)

Sarah x

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