So you know that piece I wrote about Thanksgiving Pop Ups for About Time magazine? No? Well here you are then, give it a read... http://www.abouttimemagazine.co.uk/discover/top-5-thanksgiving-pop-ups-london/

So, that one - the one that includes the delectable BRGR.CO Thanksgiving burger..well, I was invited down to BRGR.CO in Soho on Tuesday night to try out the Thanksgiving burger, actually served TWO ways along with a whole host of other naughty bites to tickle my tastebuds, with some lovely blogger friends.

I give you the #BRGRCOTHNKSGVNG blogger dinner...!
(Ps. See the end of this post for a super exciting spoiler!)

Photo c/o BRGR.CO

We all gathered at the table meeting old friends and new, including Pippa of www.clashing-time.blogspot.co.uk (Check out her post on the evening's foodie adventure!)

First up were the "starters"... which can also double up as sides, which they sort of did as we saved many of them to chow down upon alongside our burgers. Wanna see? 

These onion rings were some of the lightest I've had and the chilli was delicious too, although one of the sides I had less of. Not because they weren't excellent, but because I was faced with the following too... 

Mac n' cheese, and parmesan and truffle fries. Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a sucker for anything truffley. That, and cheese. Lots of cheese... I could easily go back to BRGR.CO and just order the mac n' cheese and a side of truffle fries. I know, I know, I'm so healthy! But really, all the ingredients and techniques used make all the food delightfully (and surprisingly) light. So that's how I ate so much... The sides/starters really are mouthwatering, nearly better than the burgers themselves! I said nearly... 

So these photos don't even begin to do the burgers justice. The brioche buns were so fluffy (and there's that key word light again) that I could easily eat them, where as sometimes I struggle with huge halves of bread on my meaty burger. We were offered two choices: the traditional Thanksgiving burger (turkey burger, bacon, cranberry sauce) and the Thanksgiving truffle burger (turkey burger, truffles, provolone). Our mouths watering there was a panic as to which to choose, and then those clever bloggers decided to get four of each and go halvsies. Clever, huh? Those little black bits in the photo? Truffles! And oozey melty cheese. Okay, I want to eat it all all over again. 

There was a split in the winner decision. Personally as I say I'm a sucker for truffles. However, having had the truffle fries (yes, yes and all the rest) I loved the traditional burger. And the sweetness added something extra. The turkey didn't even taste particularly poultry-y, and definitely no blandness here, it just tasted like a super juicy typical beef burger. Although better than typical. You can get these two bad boys until the end of the week - so hurry hurry!! We did also get a nibble on the butchers cut - which was so perfectly rare as opposed to all those other dried out, over done burgers I keep having (miserable right?). So the verdict? Maybe some of the best burgers I've had in London. I know right! 

I'm a sucker for some cute branding too:

No, no it's not. Cranberry sauce on the other hand... probably!

Thanks for having us BRGR.CO! And the best bit? If you're struggling for a table or to head over to Soho...they're opening a brand new branch in Chelsea next week. Spoiler!!

This is only the second UK site of BRGR.CO. Their patties are hand-made every morning, using the best cuts of 28-day-aged beef from Scotland, and the brand was the first to coin the term BRGROLOGY (the art of creating the best burger) - I think I might like to study that... We also got the chance to meet Nadim Hammoud, CEO of BRGR.CO, who answered all our probing questions - how's that for service!

You can find them at: 187 Wardour St, London W1F 8ZD   //   http://www.thebrgr.co/

Have you been to BRGR.CO? Would you like to go to the new branch? What's your best London burger?

M x

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