Sunny Saturday ♥

With just a week to go before I head out of London (Christmas, moving to know) it was high time to make the most of the few days off I had left. A frosty morning filled with sunshine greeted me as I headed off to meet Ally in London Bridge. I've worked in the area the last three months which has been lovely, but the area is even better when there's no limit to your lunch break...

First up was a wander through Borough market, but with stomach's not yet rumbling we grabbed coffee from a spot I'd been eyeing up, before taking a walk along the river. The coffee house in question was that of the Gentlemen Baristas and we loved the interior, branding, and of course - our drinks! If you're in the area, check them out - and find them on Twitter here.

Then our river walk began. London Bridge -> Tate Modern -> Southbank... We made pit stops along the way at places like Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and for photo ops with Paddington Bear. There's a trail of different "Paddington"s around London at the moment due to the new film about him. The little bear from Peru! We wandered the Tate Modern for about half an hour to an hour - enjoying what was on display and the freedom to walk through its large spaces. I prefer galleries which are more spread out like this.

We were intrigued by a video of blind people painting, and messed around with a mirror that makes you the "art". I quite like that we managed to get the blur of people going past in it too! Then it was time to head on to the Southbank area which was all lit up with Christmas lights and stalls, so obviously we had to get a bite to eat...

I've never really eaten churros and these were so delicious. I much prefer them to doughnuts! We both tend to prefer our savoury food to sweet, but Ally makes an exception with churros and had been recommended this place to try - so with her suggestion I was all for it! They were also so warming for those of us with freezing fingers... a beautiful, but very cold day out by the river. We popped into the Southbank Centre and looked round more stalls.

Then we tried to figure out how to get back to London Bridge. Did we walk? Tube? Bus? There was something I'd wanted to do for a while... so we got the boat!

Can you tell how excited we were?! It was such a fitting end to a day where we'd stuck to being outside, above ground, and by the river. We took snapshots as we sped along past lots of iconic London sights...

Our day ended with a bite to eat at Borough Market, where we'd started our day. Unfortunately after all that walking and a fairly long day we devoured it before taking any photos. But Borough Market is definitely a slice of foodie heaven you should spend some time in - especially at Christmas (mulled wine, presents, you know...) We picked up some cinnamon, chocolate hazelnuts which are even better than they sound and something I think I may now be addicted to...

It was such a lovely day out together - exploring the city we both live in, before I don't live in it much longer! You can find the places I've mentioned below:

Borough Market - (Opposite London Bridge tube)
Gentlemen Baristas - 63 Union Street, Southwark, SE1 1SG (Twitter above, and near Southwark bridge)
Tate Modern - (SE9TG, by Millennium Bridge)
Southbank Centre - (SE1 8XX,)
River Bus - (we got on bye the Millennium Eye)

Let me know if you've visited any of the above, and your favourite way to spend a Sunny Saturday! x


thriftylilpixie said...

Really love the art, also really want chorros now!

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