One final exam & then I have so much on, most of which I'll share with you all!
Exams definitely suck...I've missed:
Rare Press Day
Magazine Launch
Free VIP Backstage tickets to Glastonbury
all because of these exams, argh...

There are so many things I want at the moment, a lot of these come in the form of shoes...

Interning Shoes? - I need comfy shoes that will stay on but still look stylish!
[Click the names to go to them!]

Going Out/Press Day/Events Shoes?
ASOS HELGA Leather & Chain Heel Sandals
[I'd pair these with some rolled chinos & a sheer blouse]

Other than that my 'saving up for' list is pretty endless...

SLR for events/LFW etc
USA [travel + interning for 3months-1year, yay!]
Chloe or Orla Kiely Blouse
Marc Jacobs dress
Babooshka Turban
[it goes on...]

What're you all lusting after?


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Mmmm...they're all really cute shoes!! I love those flats! xoxoxooo

S. Lòpez said...

Thx for your comment too! Yea I meant tights!

Nice blog again! =)

Hannah said...

Hiya lovely! You had backstage VIP tickets to Glasto? How the hell did you get those? Ridiculously jealous. Hope the exams are going well. :) The shoes you posted all really cute! x

Anonymous said...

aww really cute ones.
how are you hun?:)

Page said...

oh i love the first t bar shoes :)
thanks for your lovely comment btw! :)

marian said...

i like the colour palette of these shoes! I am currently lusting after light,floaty nude and soft tone garments.

Lauren and Jennifer said...

Cute shoes!!!! Thankyou for the comment!!!

Please visit at

danniekate said...

sooo gorgeous! there are some miu miu knockoffs in river island i like...
haha thank you! i took a picture of me in my dress but realised i looked awful next to the swifty! she exudes glowiness. are you coming to my blog party? x

Is This Real Life? said...

Oh love all those shoes esp the ASOS ones they look really pretty!

FashionJazz said...

Love the shoes!!! Have a lovely Monday hun! xxx

rouli said...

cool post here!!!

lovely blog u have!

pls come visit and join:))


Emilie said...

I want MIU MIU heels so badly!

pearlslaceandruffles said...

Those flats are so pretty! xo

Liv said...

Love all of the shoe :)
I've given you an award on my blog , take a look :) xx

Chasing Cherries said...

Those leather/chain sandals are awesome!!

marian said...

such a shame you missed all those events and offers but I hope that you can get to do lots more yummy stuff when your exams are finished.

frances said...

i neeed me a turban asap x

kirstyb said...

i am lusting after EVERYTHING! i need to win the lottery xxxxxxx

Pixie Dust said...

Wow, how sweet is your blog!!! :))
If you get the time - and I hope you will :) - please check out my blog. I think you might like it!

Hoping to hear from you soon, sweetie!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Love those ASOS heels.:)SarahD

Ashley said...

WANT those 2nd Asos shoes, hot hot hot!


beeble said...

love those brogues soo much! loving pastel coloured shoes, i want to find the perfect pair of mint green or pastel blue brogues boots!

Adele said...

Some great shoes :)
- Adele

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love those oxfords!

Friend in Fashion said...

Love the lace-ups :)

Luv, Friend in Fashion

Lauren said...

love the brogues!

Audrey Allure said...

Such cute shoes!

Just stumbled by your blog &
I absolutely love it! :)
- Audrey Allure <3 said...

lust for the perfect heeled cow boy boots!!

thanks for the lovely comment!
hope you visit soon :)
and hope you follow!

Anonymous said...

hello hun,
how are you?i´m quite fine.
what are you doing on holidays:)

Anonymous said...

so nice!!