Phew, the English exam is out of the way. All I can do now is wait for the results, fingers crossed!

I have the loveliest new sponsor, I can't believe how lucky I am!
And I'm going to share my awesome find with all of you now...

This beautiful floral dress, as well as the cream bow-shaped belt, has been gifted to me by I couldn't believe it!
[ I also got sent some other things which I'll reveal to you in later outfit posts :) ]
The dress is their own label, 'Love Struck' and the belt is 'Funk Rock'.
The material is lovely and soft and both items fit amazingly well.
I advise you all to go and have a look at the website now.
The prices are so good - dresses are under £20!

I think I could also dress this up for a night out!
what would you wear it with?



Tessa Rose said...

You look gorgeous as always! Really cute dress too. :)

AAAHHH I see you tomorrow!!!! Will tell you all about Brighton, Grad Ball, boys, results etc etc... EXCITED! xxxx

MOLLYKT said...

eeeehehe, they sent me this too, i wore it today :D
thanks so much for sending the link to me milly, you're so lovely.
i miss you and my exams are nearly early and then i'm going to force you to see me ALL THE TIME!
and yes, call me when i'm in London. and i'll come and stay with you lots to keep you company... i'll even make breakfast haha.

Lucy said...

Congrats my darling -- So glad its all over for you!
How lucky you are to recieve this - jealous! :)
I'd try and play with the prettiness and add a lace scarf :)

lots of love and thoughts

Page said...

love your outfit!! :) and i see you're in exam mode as well :D
good luck with the rest of them! :)

Meg said...

That dress is super cute!


so pretty :) very cute outfit! good luck with your exams ♥

beeble said...

Ooh thats so pretty! I'd pair it with tights, fringe boots and maybe a waterfall waistcoat- perfect for the summer (:

Amanda Lee said...

i think that is a really cute dress!
thanks for stopping by my blog!

i'm following yours now!


danniekate said...

very cute look! basically, with boohoo, the order turned up late, poorly made, hideous and falling apart. they never replied to my complaint and were about 2 weeks late with my refund...

kirstyb said...

I would wear it with a cute leather jacket or a blazer and some black heels! gorge xxxx

LadyBugSays ... said...

That dress is super pretty!

Hannah said...

Cute dress! :) xxx

Emilie said...


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! You intern at Company? That's great! I'm an avid reader every month!

I would wear that dress with a summery wooden wedge and some funky accessories. Maybe even with a denim waistcoat over the top.


Anonymous said...

hii Milly!
yep,i´ve been very busy but we´ve got holiday in 2 weeks!
how are you?:)) love your outfit!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

love the floral print!

Jess said...

is spring here right?! floral dress are so beautiful in this season, combiness with the flowers!! I love your outfit!

Good luck in your exams!

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur outfit!! U look stunning and chic as always! xxx

ANN said...

Your dress is so pretty, I love the colors. Lucky, you got it for free!

the style crusader said...

oh well done on having the exam out of the way! looks like your enjoying yourself now! lovely drinks out in the sunshine in a floral dress... perfection. xx

Anonymous said...

so cute!

ida said...

beautiful header photo!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely comment you gorgeous girl!

I already saw this beautiful dress on your chictopia lucky lady getting such a wonderful gift!

Congrats on finishing your exams..i'm sure your so relieved to have them out of the way.

What interning are you doing for the summer my dear?


Look! it's MY style said...

Nice photos!=)
Following you, hope that you follow me too!



Platform Princess said...

Lucky you, with all your sponsors :-) you look gorge, that dress is super summery and super cute.

I have not disowned you woman. I miss you, haha.


gleenn said...

you're looking very lovely and fresh under the sun. pretty! :) said...

so cute!

Lucy said...

Nice dress!!

MARISA said...

love the flower print

such a great summer look

Friend in Fashion said...

Very pretty girl - the floral dress is lovely on you :)

Luv, Friend in Fashion

P.S. not long till London catch-up - yay! :)