So, I jumped on the bandwagon and have got a formspring. See it in the right hand bar :)
I'll try and reply to things ASAP.

Currently in the middle of revision, fun times.
I did have an ace time at the degree fashion show though.
It was the Anglia Ruskin Degree Show and the first time they've ever done one. I was working backstage and I think for a first attempt it went really well.
Here's a few photos... I'm waiting on the professional photograph and might do a post later on with some better photos!

[Photo Credit: Miroslav Zaruba]
All photos below: my own

Also went to the lovely SATC2 event with free cosmopolitans and press, for work.
It was great fun and we had our own cinema.
Although I wouldn't say the film was amazing per se [I prefer the first one], slightly 'this would never ever happen etc' it was still a great girl's night out so I'd totally recommend you all go see it if you haven't already!



Anonymous said...

I really want to see SATC2!!! Have a great weekend :) xx

Panda said...

Hey Lovely!
Thanks for the ultra-sweet comment :]
Yayyy! Formspring so much fun! and im so jealous. I haven't had time to SATC2!!! Hope your having a great weekend.
paanda xx

FashionJazz said...

I just saw it and I loved it!!! Hope you are having a lovely Sunday xx

marian said...

congrats on the formspring hun

{ I V Y } said...

omg awesomeeee ! i wanna see SATC 2 as well :)

sorry for the late reply! ahaha you're so sweet :)

Chloe said...

Oooh can't wait to check out your Formspring darling! xx

passport in my pocket said...

love the hair on those girls! and enjoyed the movie. saw it last weekend.