Hey beautifuls, I'll reply to all your comments first thing in the morning - yay!
Thanks for being patient. My English was out of the way but still had geography today, and one more next week. I'm dedicating some time to you all tomorrow though :)
Am so tired right now...

But just before I disappear, I wanted to share this awesome information with you so you're all at the ready as of tomorrow!

My affiliate TheOutnet.com are having a BALMAIN sale.
With items at 85% off! It's on for just SEVEN days.
Starting tomorrow [tuesday] at 10am, and ending on the 29th at 10am!

Make sure you have an ACCOUNT for the outnet - or you won't be able to get involved!
I am SO desperate for a piece of the action...it's all going to be signature jackets. YES I'm talking jackets. YES I'm talking crystal-sprayed dresses. and YES I'm talking killer boots.

lots of love x

theOutnet.com Fashion Buzz!



oh wow! i'm going to sign up asap :) balmain <3 good luck with your last exam!

Hannah said...

Hope the exam went well today and good luck with the one next week. :) x


Page said...

thanks for the news!
i love balmain and the outnet too!! remember when they had that $1 sale? that was crazy.. unfortunately i was at school at the time so didn't get to steal anything for a buck :)..

ANN said...

85% off?! Wow, I'm going to sign up right now :)

& that would be so much fun if I was your stylist! I wish I lived near YOU hahaha

Michelle Elaine said...

85% off?! I have to go & check this out!

I heard you like DIYs ;)


Anna Katrina said...

ahh yes yes yes :)

Anna Katrina

Adele said...

Oh how cool!!
Going to check this out right now!!
Thanks for the sweet comments lady and for entering my giveaway!1
Good Luck!!

Oh & I am hosting my first giveaway! Some amazing headpieces!

- Adèle
moltocuriosa.com ?

Page said...

thanks fo your lovely comment! :)
i just checked out balmain's sale-- love a lot of the stuff but cant afford any! :)

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

ohh emm gee! im going to go beg my mom for her credit card!!!

FashionJazz said...

Ooh this is fabulous thanks for sharing hun : ) Hope you are well and have a lovely week! xxx

Chloe said...

Good luck with the exams! Definitely deserve a Balmain jacket (or two) after this is out of the way I think ;) xx

Is This Real Life? said...

ah wow, balmain sale sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

You know what? I love Balmain..but still can't afford it with 85% off! Can't they do a range with H&M like everyone does? :(


Amy said...

Thankyou for informing us, I am soo going to have a look at it!! I agree with the comment above :( By the way fantastic blog :)


inked said...

wow nice!!

Ashley said...

Ohhh this is too good! i love the outnet.


beeble said...

will definately be going on that site!

KALIN said...

Omg nice!!!

XO, Neuter Kalin

Lauren and Jennifer said...

Hope you do well on the exam. Thankyou for commenting on our blog!

Lauren and Jennifer said...

Oh and we love balmain thnx for the news.!!!

Ashley said...

Oooo I never knew Balmain even went on sale! How amazing! Definitely going to check it out :)