Finally exams are all over & I've had a pretty crazy last few days...
[I'll reply to comments on the last post tomorrow!]
Every day has already been incredibly hectic, but so much fun.

On Thursday I went to London with my sister, Tess []. She had an interview & then we spent the day shopping, before going off to an exclusive preview for 15 bloggers of the Wildfox, LNA, Disayra & Disney Couture Pop Up Sale! It was held in the Whiteleys Shopping Centre & other fabulous people included MiggyLikesTheInternet, Laura from Shop Pulse & Yay or Nay.

The sale is being hosted by Pop Store which is an initiative that takes over empty shop spaces for a limited time & hosts sample sales.
We were greeted with champagne & had lots of time to browse.
We even got to go away with a FREE item! & as someone who has lusted over many Wildfox & LnA pieces for quite some time the whole thing was awesome. Thanks PopStore :)
Sorry - photo heavy!

Disney Couture

Laura from Shop Pulse
Yay or Nay & Tess


The actual event is this weekend. I thoroughly advise you to get there as early as possible! As the clothes are amazing, at very good prices & they even have some stock from the current season [mad]

Saturday 3rd July 12 – 8pm Sunday 4th July 12 – 6pm

POP STORE Whiteleys Shopping Center Queensway, London W2 4YN

And here's a whole lots of photos from the event...!



Adele said...

Omg I am SO jealous! I got vip for tomorrow but I am busy! So so so upset :(

- Adele

The Style Rawr said...

Loving your pics! We're off tomorrow- cant wait to go crazzzzy!! <3 XoX


I want to go....... so FAR from London it sucks.

ANN said...

Lucky, I want to go! Too bad I'm over 5000 miles away from London haha

Ashley said...

Gotta love shopping and champagne! And I *love* Wildfox, I wouldn't be able to choose just 1 item for free from them, I'd try to take the whole store, LoL! :)


kirstyb said...

your so lucky you got invited to that i am in love with wildfox and lna! sigh`! hope your having fun girlie xxxx

S. Lòpez said...

Wow awesome blog! And nice pictures!

danniekate said...

looks so so much fun, lucky you! i'm so gutted you missed saturday! hehe, your name is camilla (: are you coming to fiona's thing at the drunken monkey? x

MOLLYKT said...

looks AMAZING!
and i would reply to your text but my texts have annoyingly run out so i shall in a minute.
the basis of what i wanted to reply was to ask if you wanted to do anything this weekend?
also good luck tomorrow if you're still going!

Claire said...

ahh, jealous. i need more wildfox in my life.



awwww, melbourne's a bit too far from london! lucky you :) these photos are fantastic! disney couture & wildfox are my faves <3

Anonymous said...

Hello darling!

So sorry I haven't been on your blog in such a long time! Have been busy busy!

Congratulations on finishing all those awful must be so delighted! Hope they went really well for you.

That's so exciting about your internship, so many wonderful opportunities could arise from it!

I didn't know you were from London my dear! It would be so lovely to meet you one day!



Nicole said...

so jealous, love your pics! loooove wildfox



Platform Princess said...

Halloo my love!

I know that everyone is going crazeee for Wilfox atm, but I'm not really feeling it haha. Loving LnA though- tres cute!


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

it looks like you had so much fun, great post!

antimateria said...

hi girrl! my blog is being a liitle a bit abbandoned, just read your msg. Thanx for the support.good vibes!

Meg said...

Looks like a really great time!

FashionJazz said...

Looks amazing hun!! xxx

Lucy said...

oh I'm sad I couldn't go to this! I love WIldfox! :)

Glad you were able to go and have fun there! Will answer your email soon! Sorry im so lazy! xxx