OK so this is stupidly late... I've been travelling again and never know if I will or won't have internet! Luckily for this week I do :)
Latitude was fabulous. The music was excellent, as was the atmosphere. We met Yeasayer which was so cool, and listened to some newer bands like Lissie and Lauren Pritchard. Big names included Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons, The XX [favourite performance!] and The Temper Trap. There were so many different tents too, like comedy, and a CSM & Chelsea Graduate Fashion Show across the lake!

I also stopped by the Fashion Shed in the Faraway Forest, where fashion promotion students showcased their final work [magazines / zines etc], and a live photoshoot took place.
Here's a few snapshots! [I have about 1000 more...]

What I Wore
Meeting Yeasayer
Checking out the fashion promotion students' work
[&Wildfox returns!]

Whilst there I took some Street Style shots for Shop Pulse, check them out here:

& You can read my more detailed review of the festival on the Cellardoor Magazine blog here:

I'm moving to the London area on Sunday for my Company internship; so excited!
Be ready for events, outfit posts, intern diaries & lots more.
On Sunday I'll also be attending two fashion events which will be covered on here afterwards - look out for them!

lots of love x


Camilla said...

Im so gutted i missed Lattitude! Lissie is so good live!
I like your blog
My name is Milly too :) xx

Style of a Fashionista said...

Looks like you had a fun time. Good luck with your Internship and living in London cant wait to see all your exciting posts xoxo

SusuanaLove said...

Arrggh i wish I went, my friends went Lattitude for the first time they had a grat time. I couldnt even get into the Itunes festival last night :/ Your job sounds great!. And you'll Love London.

Im your newest follower :)

SusuanaLove xx


Nicole said...

wow, lattitude looks so fun! looks like you had a good time, nice pictures :)

My Republic of Fashion said...

Great pictures. Looks like ye had a brilliant time.:)SarahD

Is This Real Life? said...

Ooh that looks like such a fun festival, and you got to meet the bands im jealous!
Loved your blog for Cellardoor too, fab!
I didn't know you were moving to London for your internship, that sounds like so much fun, very 'Running In Heels' HeHe!
Unfortunatly I won't be in London this summer, I'm in Glasgow but my Sister lives there so I get down quite a bit but funds are low just now so i have to save my pennies so i can go another trip down soon!
Speak soon

Jaymie said...

Just found your blog and enjoying reading the posts.
Going to have a rummage through older ones now :)
i am now going to become a follwer.
Heres a link to my blog aswell

Anonymous said...

i want to move to london! thank you for the comment. i hope you enjoyed all these concerts

Anonymous said...


Sasha B. said...

awesome pics!! looks like so much fun! :)

rebecca said...

I wish I could've gone to Latitude! The line up was sooooo good


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

you were so lucky to get to see lissie! she seriously needs to come to chicago!


Pop Champagne said...

have a safe move to london!! good luck with it!

ANN said...

I love The Temper Trap and The XX, so jealous you got to see them!

MOLLYKT said...

i have your ny tshirt :)
it'll be magical.
make sure you call me the second you're there ;)
looooove you

danniekate said...

looks like fun though! goood to have you back :)

Style Goddesses said...

Love the Latitude pictures. I have a feeling you're in a photo I took of the lake at the fashion show as there's definately someone with a bright orange tee in it! Will go have a look! So close yet so far! Streetstyle photos look great, I know a couple of the girls you snapped! Good Luck for your internship! I'm sure it will be amazing! Millie xxx

Anonymous said...

love your tee!

gleenn said...

Great photos. I love it when you hair your hair up and with that head accessory :)

MOLLYKT said...


ediot said...

wonderful photos. well i edit them in photoshop-change contrast-then sometimes i use camerabag to edit furthermore..
wishing you a lovely week ahead.


Hannah said...

Good luck with your internship you lucky thing! Hope you're having an amazing Summer. Living in London is just fabulous.

Chasing Cherries said...

I love the XX!

I'm moving to London in September for 4 months for my study :)
Good luck with your internship!

Ashley said...

Loving your headband! And have fun in London - I am so envious you're going to be living there! :)


rouli said...

cool pics here!!!!!!!




beeble said...

ahh im so excited for your internship, sure itll be amazing. so jealous that you saw the xx and vampire weekend!! sounds like it was awesome.

Emilie ! said...

WOW you lucky thing!! I am so gutted that I couldn't go to lattitude :( the temper trap are my favourite band ever! Did you think they were any good?

I genuinely loooooooove your blog, found it today and I'm following <3

Emilie xoxo