[An interesting welcome at the PURE event...!]

Hi all! Sorry I've been so MIA.
My first two weeks at Company have been amazing, not even exaggerating...but more on that later.
First off I'll tell you about an event I went to last Sunday.

It's called PURE London as is basically a huge tradeshow which showcases all of next season's items from loads of brands.
I got invited by my lovely sponsor Funkrock to pick some items from their new collection.
I also picked up some fab other unknown brands which I can't wait to share with you soon!

I finally got to spend some time with Molly too which was lovely!
Here's some photos from the day. Mainly of Funkrock/Lovestruck's next collection (AW10).

I'll reply to comments as soon as I can but unfortunately have the odd internet issue!
I'm home this weekend so expect more posts soon!

Lots of love,
Milly x

Great jewellery for AW10!

Lovestruck have lots of lovely prints!

Love this cute owl ring!
Can't wait to recieve this zip dress!


em.me.ma said...

thanks for sharing you 18th birthday with me! i absolutely adore that owl ring :P

Style Goddesses said...

Love that last dress! Beautiful print! That owl ring is adorable too! I love owl themed jewellery! Can't wait to hear more about the internship! Millie xxx


LadyBugSays ... said...

That jewellery looks fab!

ida said...

beautiful ring!

ida said...

beautiful ring!

Dianonkey Kong said...

the dress is amazing and the owl ring is a fabulous :D

xx Diana

nikki said...

hey teacup, all looks gorgeous!

loving your new header too!

hope all is well at Company. i've chatted to you a little bit, my old blog is http://mouseandcupcake.blogspot.com ....

but i've just started a new one called dottie :)


not much on it at the moment but watch this space :) keep in touch ! xxx

rebecca said...

can you imagine having hair like that?! love the zip dress (:


ANN said...

I have that robot clock necklace! Haha. The first photo is so interesting but funny at the same time :)

agatheloff said...

Aww, I love owls!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Love that zip dress.:)SarahD

Sasha B. said...

owls are everywhere! we have so many at the store i work at!

Adele said...

I am completely jealous it is ridiculous!

Adèle – moltocuriosa.com

Adele said...

I am completely jealous it is ridiculous!

Adèle – moltocuriosa.com

Sienna Style Stalker said...

You're so lucky to be interning at Company! Hope you had a good time at the event.

Check out my new blog on Sienna Miller's style: siennastylestalker.blogspot.com

Lots of love x

Is This Real Life? said...

Ah sounds like so much fun. I've saw a couple of people blogging about Pure and it really does sound like a great event!

Love the zip dress in the last photo!
Hope interning is going well!

Anonymous said...

love the animal jewelery (i always do) and i'm so jealous you are in a magazine in London

Pop Champagne said...

the necklaces are all so cute! interesting event that you went to

danniekate said...

how funny with the hedges! i'm so happy to be back :)

Nike Forrest said...

I wanted to go PURE...
loving your blog hehe
thanks for commenting on myyyn

nike (you fellow intern at company)



Ashley said...

Loving the jewelry, especially that cute owl ring!


NINA said...

wow really love the jewellery! xo

Anonymous said...

great stuff!
it s okay sweetie♥♥♥

ediot said...

the zip dress is so cute.
hope youre having a wonderful week.thanks for stopping by


Catherine said...

good outfits, the dress is perfect for summer.

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

I prefer the owl necklace!!

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani

Anonymous said...

Milly my dear, so so sorry for lack of comments recently! Only got my internet sorted in the past week. How is your internship going? Cannot wait to hear all about it! I love this post, sounds like Pure was pretty amazing, some of the pieces you have photographed are so beautiful..I adore the owl necklace and ring.



danniekate said...

that owl necklace! my sister has it :) see you at LFW babe! x