A run down of my shows and presentations that you will shortly hear much more about...

Caroline Charles
J Maskrey
Julian J Smith
Louise Gray
Orla Kiely
Bryce Aime
Belle Sauvage
Ones to Watch
Gemma Slack
Craig Lawrence
and a few other bits and bobs to show you. Some great exhibitions etc.
I have actually managed to miss...four or five of my shows, ahhh. You never realise just how much shows are going to overrun... not so cool. But on the plus I replaced my time with fellow bloggers, exhibitions and seeing Molly again - yay! Who I took to Somerset House for a little show around with my press pass - dont tell anyone she is not me!

Tomorow is my last day, sob...as I have to come home. It sucks as I actually have some great tickets for Monday and Tuesday (cry) lol. But before I go I will see Betty Jackson, yay, Cooperative Designs, WDC, Espirit De Corps, Eley Kishimoto and a few more things.


Lucy said...

Whoop Whoop Whoop Whoop!!
Betty Jackson at stupid o clock tomorro YAY!! c you there missyy :)

Nathalie said...

sounds like the perfect time you spent on lfw. i am curious what you have to show and tell us :)

Rose said...

Sounds good :) Mega jealous as per. What time are you home tomorrow? Call me? But not too early as I just got home from work... Going to bed now but I want a lie in!

Hope you've had an amazing time.

Love xxx

FashionJazz said...

Sounds divine!! Hope u had a stunning time! xx

kirstyb said...

How did Betty Jackson go? xoxoox

MOLLYKT said...

milly sampson is featured on ouestlamode.blogspot.com haha (a.k.a pictures are up) ;)
hope you got home safely!

kirstyb said...

oh i wish i was there too! LOL! im at boring work now! boo hoo! clearly doing my work ha xxxx

Is This Real Life? said...

sounds like a really fun trip!
enjoy all the shows!

SammyKins said...

i love betty jackson cant believe u get to see her tomo!!! :(
love sammy