Really quite like this ring, not sure what it is but it just draws me in... Kara Ross at Liberty, £85
Hey lovelies. Sorry such a busy time at the moment. And it's about to get a hundred more times hectic... Norwich and Leicester this week. Along with interview and photoshoot. Work experience. London Fashion Week. The list goes on....excitement!

Contemplating the bad boy above for London Fashion Week - opinion?
Really need to sort my outfits, ahhh!

Saw 'Up In The Air' today - very good, you should see it.


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Anonymous said...


kirstyb said...

that ring is indeed awesome! how do u get to go to LFW saw ur comment on frassy! I put my thing in for press but havent heard anything back! help! xxxx

kirstyb said...

oh how exciting! who do you write for? thanks for the quick response xxxx

fadetoblack said...

omg loving that shirt!!

fadetoblack said...

oh yes def get it!!
i love the drapyness!!! can you imagine it with leather pants aarrgghhhhh
omg loooove

kirstyb said...

Lol I love chatting to people too! hmmm career wise I would love to do what your doing. I currently work for a publishing company and I write the people stories and advertising copy for various mags but its boring! i'm also attempting to write a book which should be interesting xxx

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

that ring is really cute and i love your new banner!

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

YESSSS WEAR IT TO LFW! It's amazing :)

I'm going to have to miss LFW this time because of my operation, complete lack on money, etc... SO UPSET! So you better have double the fun for me! & I'll join you next season :)



SammyKins said...

ill be helping out with the london fashion week... with the under graduates at ravensbourne!! love the ring and jacket.. tres jealous!

love sammy

MOLLYKT said...

i love the jacket, buy it!
yeah sounds good, i'm pretty much free most evenings :D
i'll email you my number as i hardly ever go on facebook so we can be organised haha :)
awwww i wish i was going to lfw! you'll have to take LOADS of pictures so i can see what it was like :)
loveloveloveeeeee xxx

Phoebe Rose said...

Oh I saw that jacket on the Topshop website and fell in love too!

Teresa said...

Wow, what a neat ring! It looks like a stud that has been cut out and has stone in the middle. Really unique.

Blicious said...

that ring is AMAZING!

Mikaela Urbom said...

Really cool ring!! :D

Kristiana V said...

you are so lucky!