I'm so behind...sorry guys. Unfortunately typing up articles for magazines comes first!! For example my Julian J Smith review, and J Maskrey review, for Amelia's Magazine. Hope you like. Julian J Smith is once again accompanied by fabulous illustrations, this time by teabelle.

Anyway, back to LFW! On the first day I also stopped by the Orla Kiely presentation. Which was literally in the prettiest set up, with the cutest print blouses. My friend Carrie simply adored the whole thing. We got some fruit sticks to munch on whilst we watched, and I've now become a firm Orla Kiely fan!

Mustard yellow, Satchel Bags, Platform Heels, Leaf Prints, Top Knots, Cream and Collared Blouses... flawless x


fritha louise said...

I love the orla Kiely collection. And the granny house setting is so cute!

Robyn said...

Hello Milly! Thanks for your comment on my "Cat Fight" post. You're not wrong-- I think Tavi dresses for attention more so than for personal style, but then again, she is 13. When I was that age, my favorite shirt was orange and terry-cloth-- just to give you an idea for how much one changes their ideas about themselves as they get older! I love reading your blog, so I'm psyched that you read mine too. Hope to have many more bloggy convos with you!

Also, I read a bunch of your articles over at Amelia mag, and I loved them. Kudos to you for finding your way in freelancing!

Marlboro Martini said...

Oh snap. This presentation was cute. And great write ups for Amelia's!!!

MM x