Hey guys - thank you for your kind messages, I'm back now!
First off, here's another article I wrote for Amelia's. It's on a jewellary designer and I found it incredibly interesting to research. Hope you like! And actually read... ;)

Secondly I'm so pleased because I had a pre-planned idea that I wanted to do for my textiles exam piece...and luckily the brief we've been given includes a 'stimuli' that I can use!
The stimuli: Illusion
My pre-planned idea: inspired by my favourite Vogue issue - Christmas 2008 (The 'Fantasy' Issue). [As well as a few others such as March 2009]
I wanted to look at my favourite photographer Tim Walker as a starting point.
[who shot the Roald Dhal photoshoot for the 'Fantasy' Issue]

Then I hoped to explore other areas that linked to the idea of 'fantasy,' such as the bunny ears at LV. My final piece will most likely be some kind of costume...!
So so pleased. I'll add some posts of my designs & work if you like?!
Photo Credits: vogue.co.uk & galadarling.com


Jen said...

love the blog! your textiles exam idea sounds pretty awesome. i remember seeing the photoshoot by tim walker and falling in love with it :)

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

this sounds amazing! your project/exam is going to turn out soooooo well! This photoshoot is also one of my faves :)

♥ Hannah



MOLLYKT said...

please post what you come up with, i'd love to see it :)
also, i'm going to read your interview in bed tonight, i'll print it out right now as i hate reading things on the screen as i think it ruins it :(

looking forward to seeing you too!
i'm thinking we should indulge in a bit of retail therapy too?
i'd like to have a good look in primark if that's cool with you :)
of course i'll bring my camera so we can blog-document ;)


MOLLYKT said...

and by episode, i mean issue, of course :')

Pippa Artus said...

Oh milly this sounds so exciting! :) Getting our new topics next week but already think im going to do 'discarded':)
Cant wait to see this!
Btw if you wanted a photoshoot done of you, tell me cos my mate from art is looking to shoot people :)
www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

Fashion Wh0re said...
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Fashion Wh0re said...

Great Pictures..And Good Luck With The Project ;)

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

That issue looks so dreamy! Your project shouls be really great!

MOLLYKT said...

okay, literally hit me, but i can't do this sunday as i stupidly forgot i've got a whole weekend of french conferences/study days at school which makes me feel a bit suicidal.
so, the point being, unless you want to meet up after 5 on sunday, i don't think i'll be able to get into town :/
i'm so sorry, i was so looking forward to seeing you!
if not, we definately have to meet up next weekend. i am 100% free as my teacher can't possibly lock me in school anymore!


Rose said...

Sounds amazing :) I love Tim Walker too: his photo of Lily Cole in India is so beautiful and I love his pastel cats. This shoot is definitely my favourite though!

Rose x


MOLLYKT said...

i know, i'm so sorry :(
i was looking forward to it too!
internship?! where?!
and yesss of course, i understand that you're busy, lucky lady :D
meeting up in half term sounds good, just if you're not too busy! if not then when is fashion week over? and we'll do something when you get back

Anonymous said...

what a great post

JMay said...

That last pic is magical, I want to like live in that world! :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for your cute comment:)
OK,i´m looking forward it:)

Ruth loves said...

so cute! xxxxxxxxxxx

fadetoblack said...

sounds like an amazing idea!
cant wait to see the result!!

* Reena Rai * said...

That wounds like a fantastic project! Fashion and fantasy go hand in hand x

MOLLYKT said...

my weekend has been so un-interesting milly!
but internships sound exciting!
and yes, that's cool with me, whichever you'd rather :)

love you tooooooo xxxx

frances said...

I always look at the briefs with pre-planned ideas too, hahaha!
I did a whole photography/art project last year based around fairy tales, nursery rhymes and art interpretations of literature so if you want any artist names, give me a shout! x