LFW Day 1: Caroline Charles

Sorry for appalling photos. My number 1 on my current wishlist is a proper camera - don't worry, it WILL come. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a photo of my Day 1 outfit, but I'll do it later just for the fun of it. Day 1 started very early for me having had Molly to stay the night before, which was so fun, meant I was so tired...! But I arrived in London, got to Somerset House & met with Rachael my editor, before getting my press pass.
First stop was Caroline Charles which was a big one for me, seated too.
Hadn't quite got the hang of photo snapping yet...& my camera doesn't seem to approve of moving objects, or any sort of darkness which was how the tent was...

A stunning collection full of 1920s glamour, sequins, leather, lace, fur and splashes of bright green in the form of gloves... Typically British meant that tweed featured too. The whole collection was beautiful, and there was something for everyone, especially due to the mix of day and eveningwear.

Which includes a stunning illustration that Gemma kindly did for me!

Features on Julian J Smith, J Maskrey, Betty Jackson, Doii Paris, Horace to name only a few...!
As well as being street style snapped, and other fashion week behind the scenes gossip.
Keep reading :)



c h a r l o tt e said...

sooo jealous!

i'd absolutely love to attend LFW :(

enjoy my dear :) x

kirstyb said...

Well done on emailing them - i didnt even think to do that! LOL! Cant wait to see those pics! I love glitter xoxoox

Ruth loves said...

Glitter. Fur. Sequins. Yuuuuuuum xxx

MOLLYKT said...

looks gorgeous, love the sequins, this is the article you were typing whilst texting, non?
ah, i'll check out your full review ;)
and i love how we're nearly always mentioned in eachother's posts haha!
hope you are well lovely, EXCITED FOR SATURDAY!
also, check us out on emergingfervour ;)

sasha b. said...

I'm loving the sparkly, 20's look. Beautiful pics!

MOLLYKT said...

ah, thanks for emailing them haha :)
aw, well i'll cheer you up saturday, we can do lots of fun things!
and i know, me too, but in a little while you'll be off to uni and you'll have an amazing time :)

Hannah ♥ said...

aaaaah looks amazing! SO JEALOUS! but I'll be joining you in sept (I'm already saving to prevent the skint problem again!)



* Reena Rai * said...

OMG I was there too! Looks like you were seated right by me too! Great pics