That Header Girl...

...For those of you who haven't seen it - check out the new Talula campaign.
First spotted it on <-- a new favourite.

My new header features one of their campaign photos!
& I'm deseperate for the rose leggings, lace dress and slouchy cropped jumper.
Unfortunately it's only stocked in AMERICA & has no online store, boo.
Don't you just hate when that happens?

Although I'm hoping I finally have a contact who can send me the items from San Francisco - Yes!
So as not to be a total copier, I've only posted the outfits I'm lusting after below: you just have to see them!

Rose Leggings

Lace Dress

Slouchy Cropped Jumper

What's on your current fashion wishlist?

M x
Listen to: Embers - Just Jack


Jowy said...

Those floral leggings are delicious!!

One Love,

Totty Dubois said...

I'm dying for those Rose Leggins...sexual!! I've just followed your blog..its addicitve x

becca. said...

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)
it takes a long time to do an outfit post, so maybe i'll do one a few times or once a week.
just checked out you're article, you're very talented :)

doodlebyjr said...

Thank you! Yes, I've made all my t-shirts by myself.. I don't know if you never seen my fashion brand Troisième, you can check out the blog on:

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