LFW: 1. Wo/Man (Warning: Long Post!)

The most fun-filled evening I've had in a while.
Arrival: Guestlist, Wristbands, The Daily
Finally meeting the lovely Aindrea (blogger friend!) who sat us front row...
...next to the art editor of Amelia's Magazine.

Luckyluckylucky I offered my POP magazine & later struck up a conversation about what shows she'd been to earlier in the day...(see end of post as to why!)
The show kicked off with a performance from upcoming London band 'The Dolly Rockers'. We absolutely LOVED them, perhaps not to everyone's taste but perfect for a night out. Check 'Boys will be Boys'.
The clothes were full of draping, graphic floral prints, and gorgeous gorgeous shoes kindly donated by Irregular Choice. The team had put a LOT of effort in in the 4-5months that they had (crazy!). An urban feel dominated the collection, with a few softer touches from the materials used. Denim also featured, as did the idea of 'Best of British' - think union jack bags and LONDON waistcoats. All together something which I hope to see more of in the future.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Children In Need graphic tshirts & a documentary showing on the BBC in the next few months about the making of the collection. (Hopefully we'll be on some of the shots from the show - we were sat opposite the camera :P)
Once the show finished we had a bit more of a chat with the art editor, the lovely Satu Fox...who actually asked us to write up the show for Amelia's Magazine (who I've been emailing about internships over the past few weeks & also saw are now following my twitter - coincidence!)

See it at :


Afterwards came a lovely drinks reception - perfect opportunity to NETWORK.
Wine and cheese sticks were pursued, along with Vitamin Water.
Also got to meet some favourite bloggers / friends: Sophie of thedish.co.uk, Claire of young shields and of course Aindrea! ! Hopefully meeting them again soon...funnily enough Claire lives a road away from my grandma - SMALL WORLD.
Hope to see more of you next season...!
M x
p.s - Like my headband? It's from my new job!


frances said...

I was there too, free wine is enough to get me across the country. x

C said...

i really liked the third dress.


Anonymous said...

love the looks, it's colorful and nice fabrics. Exciting!!

fashionblogger said...

Sounds like you had fun. Thanks for letting us now about the documentary. I'll definitely watch it!

Anonymous said...

you're so lucky:D
i like the third outfit
nice blog btw

and thank you for adding me to your blogroll ^_^

Brad Paige said...

Looks like fun, and good post! the clothes are nice as well Loving the shapes!


kirstyb said...

great post xoxox

Platform Princess said...

Finally, you got the pics up, yay! So, I'm totally jealous that you were sitting and I nearly missed the show and had to stand. Oh, and I love the dollyrockers, they are soo tiny i real life.
On another note, I'm emailing you, so check your inbox.

PP x

Platform Princess said...

Stading because I can't get my act together and turned up 15 minutes late for the show. Everyone was already seated and 'standed' lol, and then I was told it was overcrowded. Eventually they let me in after I told them I was press (sans press pass haha). So I guess it was all my fault and I can't really complain!

Thanks for replying to the email, I've just checked it out.

PP x

young-shields said...

oh golly i still need to post on this! arr! fun times..

claire y-s x

Kb said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, and well done on the article! It's such a small world, there must have been so many bloggers there, but it's difficult to get talking sometimes, we were mainly by the bar afterwards! I'm sure you'll enjoy the exhibition too, make sure you get cupcakes afterwards!

doodlebyjr said...

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British Style said...

You're in BSB's Blog of the Month poll!

Sin said...

Great photos :) Looks like fun.

On another note, would recommend you open up your comments to readers who don't have an idea. Allow them to put Name/url ;)

Sinta http://www.knittering.com

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

I was there too, on the front row near the end of the catwalk. I didn't see you though!

♥ Hannah