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Oh how I love you.

Tonight I'm headed off to hit the streets of London with my best friend Miss. PD. (http://www.prettydivine.blogspot.com/)

I kindly got invited to the BBC Blast, Your Label Show - 1. Wo/Man, by a blogger friend who I keep in touch with through emails and the like. I've seen a few previews of the outfits and it looked wonderful. Maybe casual chic with some beautiful twists. I'd be so tempted to buy them...and it's all been designed by a young group of people who entered the competition!

I'll be reviewing the event tomorrow so keep checking back.
I'm not giving a full rundown of my favourite shows / the shows in general because that's all over the place.
So here's just two that I liked when flicking through style.com.
VIVs Red Label.

Her 'Little Bow Peep' outfit was so sweet - simplistic style but the gorgeous tartan effect showing through. Love the idea behind it.

She did quite a few 'slouchy' style dresses, very casual but seem to have some sort of hidden allure. Draping was definitely the key feature - from block colour dresses, to pretty patterns or crazy, bold prints she did them all.

Miss. P.D will no doubt be dying to buy it all!

Danielle Scutt
Love the assortment of crazy prints this lady uses. Not sure I'd wear them on a day to day basis but dressed down at a party they could be just beautiful. So very individual - check out those models' hair too!

Looking forward to William Tempest's collection - should be up tomorrow!
And if you're in London tonight - maybe I'll see you there!
Photo Credits: Style.com


PrettyDivine said...

I love it all! The hair is hilarious... major lol.
Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Ah ah ah. I think that's all that needs to be said, don't you? :)

Caroline Druitt said...

Hey beautiful,
I worked out how to enable comments on my blog SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!
Hope you put up the photo's of the show soon - so desperate to see them!!! Love you both xxxxxxx

michelle said...

I love fashion week x) hehe <3

Platform Princess said...

Hey Milly,

Such a shame we didn't meet up :( I've had the 'why aren't there more UK bloggers' chat with MM many a time. I wish I knew you were going to be there. Oh well better luck next time and glad you like the blog. Fashion week was killer- maybe I'll see you next year.

PP x

Platform Princess said...

Fantastic news about your writing gigs- congrats!

I am on FB have neglected it for a while though, but add me: platformprincesslovesya is my name. Otherwise I'll add you next as soon as.

PP x

kirstyb said...

sounds like lotsa fun x