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Hey All!
As you may remember from a post further back - I was desperate to do some interning at Amelia's Magazine but couldn't fit in the 3 months they needed. So now the lovely fashion editor has accepted my application to become a regular contributor - yes!
I just saw my second article is up, which I didn't even realise. A pretty different style to my usual writing so quite hard to compose - think I'll be happier when I go back to my style reviews. Coming soon: Designer Interview - watch this space!
Here's the link to the latest article:

What do you guys think? Who do you write for?
Ps. - I am so in love with the Chanel show. Ruffles!

M x


Anonymous said...

sadly, i don;t write for anyone, ut i do agree with you on the chanel show! so amazing, but i wouldn't expect anything less.

Platform Princess said...

Milly I'm so happy for you, the artcile is great-congrats! As for going to NY and Paris; in a word... JEALOUS!!


Platform Princess said...

The comment would be nice if I could actually spell. For the record: article, article was great haha! So Paris with the BF will be sooo romatic, again, jealous.
MM lived there for a year and loved it, if you do go she'll probably give you a million places to visit. Also, when did colleges start going to America? The most exotic place I visited was Wales... am I that old? :-(

Don't answer that!

PP x

Timeless Fashion... said...

Many congrats on the job. That's a great piece of writing. Well done!

coco said...

I'd heard from someone that Amelia's Magazine had folded, clearly they were wrong lol. Well done!

Michael said...

Aaaah congratulations! I want to be a journalist too, and this is a very exciting oppurtunity. Good luck on your future articles!

Bluefemme said...

Congrats! I am very happy for you and I am very happy for people like you that get discovered through blogs. Your so talented!

Anonymous said...

well done you!
Your blog is lovely.x

Platform Princess said...

Glad you liked my S.I.N attempt. I feel kind of like a navajo hippie in it lol.

As for next Friday, I am around so let me know if you're down and we should defo meet up- yay!

PP x

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

congrats on your article!

Shopaholic said...

great article!
congrats, that's a really exciting opportunity!

C said...