Final Press Release + Workworkwork!

Some people hate that they HAVE to work. I love my job - I work in a boutique, we have events like Champagne Evenings with mini makeovers, and my boss is willing to take me to London events like PURE + gave me a voucher for a free nail treatment (see photo :)). All the girls are also so lovely, I work on my own on Sundays - and I've only been there about a month!
Here's some cute snaps that I took last Sunday - we've just launched Rings Eclectic and I sold the first one. They're so gorgeous ;)

Bespoke Headbands - I have that jewelled one :)

Cute Cupcake Bath Bombs

Bumble Bee Eclectic Ring!

Rings Eclectic

The Boutique
Also, final press release as promised. I know a lot of you aren't a big fan of Uggs - association with those slightly cloned-look A&F etc girls. But the whole point of fashion is to create your own individual look, and personally I think they're pretty toastie for the winter weather - so team with leggings and a cute shift dress instead. And you can't complain if they're FOR FREEEE...
Click the above to find out how to win!
Sarah of whoogaboots sent me this :)
M x


Becca. said...

those rings are gorgeous!
especially the bumble bee one.
you should get the boutique to do a give away on your blog ahaha :)
entered that ugg boots thing :)
i want a pair now its cold outside haha.
hope you've had a good day!

Becca. said...

oh wow thankyou :)
sounds amazing
and thankyou for the comment on my blog too :)

Sarah said...

great photos! Sounds like you have a fab job- i'm jealous!!

Great blog! xxx

Timeless Fashion... said...

Those cupcake bombs look delicious even though you're not supposed to eat them.

Demi said...

I love the cupcake bath bombs and the rings...gorgeous! :) xx

Anonymous said...

This looks like a dream job. You have enough time to indulge in wine fulled evening and summe rpicnics, and then go in with beautiful nails and dnace and smile and to your hearts contents, and of course there's LONDON!

Pippa Artus said...

I want a Bespoke headband really badly :) How much are they in your amazing store?? :)

Platform Princess said...

Those rings are gorgeous. Do they have an online store? Hmm, maybe I should ask with my shopping habits. Glad you like the shop.

PP x

Pippa Artus said...

Wow i never knew it was going to be so much!!! :O But i suppose its worth it!!! :)
Btw sorry i didnt reply on fb, i havent asked them about it!! :)

Becca. said...

That idea is so true, sometimes people just buy the high street designer collections because they are cheap :(
thankyou for the comment :)

Platform Princess said...


Where are you Mills? No update in nearly a month. Hope your studies aren't killing you :-)

PP x

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

I'm incredibly jealous of your job! I need to find a new one after xmas, I can't stand mine for much longer!

Please enter the competition on my blog :)

♥ Hannah



La Fée said...

ooh cute rings :)

Emma ... said...

thanks for the comment!
how cute does ur store look!
and loving the cup cake bath bombs! :)
emma x