So I'm not going to go into huge apologies for not posting...in over a month (I probably should really thanks to that horrific time-scale). UCAS / Coursework / Job etc.

I hope you're all well and school / college / university / jobs are not getting you down.
Not long until the Christmas holidays for me and personally I CANNOT WAIT.
I'm off to New York for the first time ever...and so excited about it. We're also hitting up Washington DC & a day stop in Philli...gonna be a bit mad, and going with college but hopefully stupidly fun. If I'm feeling really generous / have any money left (".) you may find a little Christmassy competition appears on here after my trip ;)

I've got my first article in Not Just A Label now. It was on the front page for a while, the title of their newsletter, and the main feature of the newsletter so I was rather proud to say the least. Not Just A Label is one of my favourite sites so I've been hanging on for this moment for some time.

Ta Da!
I'll be back now, I hope... with outfits / gifts / reviews and so on, so please feel neglected no longer! & do keep updated by following me on bloglovin'

Lotsofmadlovetoyouallforputtingupwithme ;)

M xxx


Pippa Artus said...

You inspire me.
Read my blog :)
You will like it :)
www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

Anonymous said...

welcome back :DDD

you're going to love it in new york, it's so fast paced and you see so many different characters:DD

have fun :DD

Platform Princess said...

You're back...yay!

Ultra jealous that your off to the Big A (*cries).

PP x

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

oooh great article, congrats on getting featured :)

♥ Hannah