The National Portrait Gallery...&other things.

For those of you who live in the UK, and have suitable access to London, I cannot resist encouraging you to head down to the National Portrait Gallery this Christmas.
A personal favourite of mine I absolutely adore the gallery, more so if the exhibition is a photographic one - I'm more photographer than painter see.
So here are two I encourage you to see:

Twiggy: A Life In Photographs

until March 2010
This inspirational woman who is still evident in the fashion world today captured the imagination of the swinging sixties with her boyish figure, long legs and cropped hair.
The iconic photograph by Barry Lategan from 1966 (above) will be shown, right up to some from 2008.
Model, Actor, Television Presenter and more, this is not to be missed.

Beatles to Bowie, The 60s Exposed
(in case you didn't notice I rather love the Sixties)
until 24th January, 2010
The collection presents 0ver 150 photographs of 1960s London, along with various memorabilia.
It will feature iconic music personalities from the era who inspired cultural and social changes at the time. Bands and individuals who will not be forgotten quickly, from The Rolling Stones to Cliff Richard.
Spoil your inner wild child, or hippie chick, and head down to the exhibition to get a real feel for those awesome times.

On a final note...
I realised I never posted my most recent article for Amelia's.
So here it is:

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Platform Princess said...

Milly, your writing is going from strength to strength. Congrats, yet again!

Oh and thatnks for the Beatles to Bowie heads up.

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HA youve got to be kidding :)
I dont even have that much money for all my families presents!!!
Love the article :)

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Twiggy is so beautiful! :) Mon Mode Blog

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i adore your blog! the photos are beautiful:) now following!