These Lights Will Inspire You...

...Expect more than one post on America. And then Christmas. And shortly my birthday!
Then we shall finally hit up the competition... my blog will hopefully be quite hectic.
We got stuck in Washington for an extra day due to the snow. 23inches. Beat that.
But Avatar&The Hard Rock Cafe made up for it. Plus we saw Bo, Obama's dog ;)

Only in New York...sweetest dancing Panda ever.
The MoMa blew me away. Visit it.

Artwork in the street.

View from Staten Island Ferry. Not the best, bit windy.

Who said I was afraid of heights...oh right, me. View from Empire State at night.
Times Square.

Outfit Posts. Purchases. Christmas. Birthday.
All to come... :)

How are your holidays?!
M x


Pippa Artus said...

Time square is the best :) I love it!! Looks like SO much snow :) Love it!!
Im guessing I would have hated VS then!! When I went there, they had a view sizes but it was hard to find them cos the workers didnt know what 32D was at the way would they have been able to find 32E now!! :)

Pippa Artus said...

Well I think that I could quite possibly happen :) We will have to try that :)
And you will come to Norwich...not as glam but still fun :)

brooke said...

hope you had a lovely chritmas! thats a lot of snow in washington... can't believe you saw bo, so cool. and an amazing view from the empire state!!!


Anonymous said...

oh lucky, lucky you... I would so love to go to New York!
Your photographs are so lovely!
Tomorrow x

Danielle said...

Adorable blog!! So glad I chanced upon it.

Tiphaine said...

It makes me want to go to NY ! Well for the moment it's Stockholm, it seems not so bad either !

see ya'!

MOLLYKT said...

it looks beautiful!
and yes, i'm excited too!
i love boudoir femme, you're so lucky to work in there, and yes, we must!

young-shields said...

Your picture of the New Yoek view, wow! Uh, jealousss.

claire x

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

SOOOOO very jealous of you! Looks like you had a really amazing trip :) Lovely photos! Can't wait to hear more about it x

Sorry about the late reply btw - I've had swine flu! What a perfect start to the New Year!

♥ Hannah



Margherita&Eleonora said...

adorable pics!! love your blog!! <3
we love to read it!!

Pippa Artus said...


fadetoblack said...

hope you enjoy :)++