A Weekend.

Ely Cathedral Gig. Apple Store - Buying Boyf's Ipod. Dinner. Films. Dinner at an Indian. Driving. Pub. Boyfriend, B's Brother and B's Best Friend Sleepover, impulsively. My Ipod Arriving - Pure Excitement. Saturday Morning Fry Up Courtesy of the Boys. Laughing About The House. Rabbit. Boyf's House. His Gparents. Good Dinner. The Lost City of Atlantis. Sleeping. CDs. Grand Theft Auto and Need For Speed Drag Races. Top Gear. The Zodiac. Downloading Songs. Blogging. Photos. Scrapbook. Scanning Favourite Editorials. Church Reading. Sunday Lunch. TV. Relaxation. More of the Same. Dinner. Jimmy CARRRR {boyf's birthday present} Boyf to uni...back on Thursday! :D


It's the little things.

Hope you all had a good weekend!!

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