Thursday's Child...

Top: Superdry
Shorts: DIY

...was feeling creative. You've heard it all before - recession, the current economic climate...but it doesn't neccessarily have to be an issue, or a bad thing. It's time to get out those scissors and sewing kits's time to get CREATIVE. Whether it be old jeans, dad's too big tshirt, or something your grans shoved to the back of her wardrobe you should be waving your D.I.Y essentials in the air (motifs, fabric patchs, embroidery designs...anything!) and get cutting, sewing, darning and gluing. Because fashion is meant to be individual and's time to get making your own, personal, one of a kind piece of clothing - defining yourself a style noone else can ever have. I used to adore these light blue jeans I had, always comfy and easy to just slide on. But sadly, after lots of wear, they developed two huge holes...well multiple both knees. So out came the scissors on Thursday and now I have a cute little pair of cutoffs...which I'm actually wondering if I love them more than I loved my old jeans! I think I may add some decoration at some point, but at the moment they're good as they are. What do you think and what will you make?

Blazer: New Look (sale)
Tshirt & Shorts as before

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