Sunday Casting.

Sunday was spent at the shop, measuring up boobs and legs at a model casting. Although very fun it was surprisingly hard work, getting down about 10 pieces of detail for a growing queue of eager girls...and a few boys. They then moved on for some photo shots and then a demonstration of catwalking it. It was pretty interesting to watch...some people definitely stood out, in all their glory I will not even try to deny how jealous I was of their tiny waists and ridiculously long legs. There were a few oddities - girls telling me I was holding the measuring tape really loosely...oh come on! and telling us they were late because...and I quote...'it just took so long to put on my make up, there's so much on now it's going to start flaking off'. Which was even odder seeing as you're not meant to wear too much make up at a casting. It was a surprisingly educational experience and I learnt a lot, some of the people I met were so nice too, I hope to see them again. I'm looking forward to the photoshoot and fashion show in June. Plus the hopeful after party of course. Photos from both will be posted when they happen.

And I'll post more info. on where and when to get your tickets.

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