...Here are my my first inspirations for the coming week.I totally adore this outfit. It's casual and comfy but so stylish looking. I've just made my old jeans into cutoffs (watch out for photos!) and I love them. I'm currently looking for a wasitcoat too to pair with them and a clean white tee...I've been loving this look for ages and it's funny how it keeps coming back up. I'll definitely be buying myself a waistcoat as soon as I have the money again...along with all the other stuff I want.

I Love Leggings atm - I really need a thick pair which don't look weird with just tops.
You can buy plain black thick leggings in Topshop, prices from 12 to 20 quid. The all black look looks good with Lindsay's blonde hair.

I am so focused on corsets and the Edwardian era right now because it's a huge part of my current textiles project for college. I love the clean structure of the top contrasting with the flowy, softer skirt. I'm considered tight, fitted tops with loose, breesy skirts.

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