Fabulous Girl's Guide to...Nottingham.

Having had my sister end up there for University last year has brought about some great advantages. First off, the shopping - it has every known shop imaginable...MAC, Jack Wills, Replay, Primark... along with its own collection of gorgeous individual shops!
Once there you have to check out 'Projects' - as soon as I went into the shop I fell in love with it. It recently created its own line and if you head upstairs to the girls section you're bound to find something you want - from clubwear to winter warmers, it's all gorgeous and very original. I spent my money in an instand on a cute black and white top adorned with motifs and a big bow, as well as a snuggly grey jumper which is SO soft and everyone's obsessed with the 'one orange button'...
The shop has a nice atmosphere too, personally I prefer the upstairs to the downstairs, it's more intimate and has nicer decor...and the staff are very friendly too. They'll help you with anything and they're all pretty young so you have the chance for a bit of a gossip. The clothes vary in price but it's still all very reasonable, nothing I saw was over about £80 except this jacket I so desperately wanted but sadly avoided.
After that head up the road and across the street to a cafe which, from downstairs looks a little bit like a takeaway shop. Make sure you choose to eat IN and head upstairs to find a secret haven, big brown leather sofas and matching decor make the upstairs a gorgeous little hideaway, there's a seated table area too which is just as attractive. Be sure to have the hot chocolate and chocolate fudge cake for a guilty pleasure. (Don't forget to hit the gym afterwards though, haha).

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